Round 7 Feature Match: Bram Snepvangers (Netherlands) vs. David Williams (USA)

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Craig Jones

Bram Snepvangers and David Williams are both consistent performers at the Pro Tour and level. Based in Holland this is practically a local tournament for Snepvangers. Despite being American, Williams travels regularly to most of the European's. Snepvangers had a very poor card pool and was forced to play a five colour deck without a stable mana base just to have enough playable cards, and one of those was a Scavenged Weaponry. Williams was playing B/R/U, a common choice for the tournament.

Game 1

With the exception of a Tinder Farm for the first couple of turns Snepvangers and Williams could have been playing the same deck. Snepvangers made a Tower Drake. Williams made a Tower Drake. Snepvangers made a Trench Wurm. Williams made a Trench Wurm. The drakes crashed to earth after a mid-air collision, but Snepvangers managed to maintain Wurm superiority with an Exotic Curse. He then stuck another 3/3 on the table with Crosis' Attendant. Williams tried to match with various hill giant type creature only for Snepvangers to have various removal spells to deal with them. Snepvangers knocked Williams down to two, then decided to be cautious when Williams had all his mana open and a bunch of blockers. In the end step, Williams Recoiled the Wurm and played Hypnotic Cloud with kicker! Suddenly all the cards were stripped from Snepvangers' hand and it looked as though the American might come back into it. Then, a turn before he was about to die, Snepvangers drew a Pouncing Kavu off the top off his library, was able to cast it with kicker only because of the Tinder Farm, and attacked for the win. "Was a good draw," the Dutchman said afterwards. Williams was not pleased.

Game 2

An angry Williams started quickly with a succession of hefty monsters. Snepvangers was able to Exclude a Trench Wurm, but still had a Kavu Scout and a Fairie Squadron to deal with. Chromatic Sphere gave Snepvangers white for a Shackles, but Williams kept up the pressure with the deadly Tsabo's Assassin. Snapvengers tried to delay it with a Recoil but eventually the Assassin got active and his creatures started to meet untimely ends. He shifted the Shackles onto the Assassin. It was too late as Williams Recoiled Snepvangers' only blocker and attacked for the win.

Game 3

Game 3 was all about pressure as Snepvangers summoned Shivan Zombie and then a Phyrexian Slayer. Williams matched him with a Kavu Scout and then a Trench Wurm as they started to race. Snepvangers kept himself ahead with timely removal. Drakes appeared on both sides but this time a mid-air collision was avoided when William's drake came down with an Exotic Curse. Williams was under pressure on eight life. He summoned a Slayer. Snepvangers put it in Mourning and when Williams chose to chump with the Slayer, Snepvangers chose not to get the enchantment back, feeling pressure was more important as he used the mana to cast Hooded Kavu.

A bloodbath in the Red Zone took care of everything apart from Snepvangers' Drake. Still the creatures kept coming as Snepvangers made a Crosis' Attendant. Williams was forced to make Fairie Squadron without kicker and the Tsabo's Assassin. It couldn't hold off the assault as the Assassin was forced to block as it terminated another attacker. Still the creatures kept coming. Williams Prohibited a Blind Seer, but he had nothing to deal with the remaining Crosis' Attendant.

Final Result: Bram Snapvengers beat David Williams 2-1

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