Round 7 Feature Match: Brian Davis (USA) vs. Dan Clegg (USA)

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Pete Norris

In this all-American feature match, the reigning Rookie of the Year Brian Davis, took on team Pro Tour New York semi-finalist Dan Clegg. These players had never met before today, but with both players 6 - 0, and pretty much guaranteed to make second day, this match was all about going undefeated, and making top 8 on day two.

Brian had a bunch of small baby tokens for luck as he shuffled his Black White Blue deck, while Dan calmly shuffled his collection of broken spells, knowing that each was very powerful, if only he could avoid a screw.

Game 1

Brian won the dice roll and elected to begin, coming out strong with a first turn Stormscape Apprentice and third turn Tower Drake. Dan played his third land and made a Vicious Kavu. Brian then made his power Armor and started to race the Kavu. Dan missed his land drop, but attacked with the Kavu and Zapped the Tower Drake, hoping that the spell would draw him a land. On Dan's next attack they traded the Kavu and the Apprentice, but Dan still hadn't played a fourth land. Brian made a Plague Spitter on the next turn, and after Dan discarded a Vodalian Zombie, Brian made a Yawgmoth's Agenda! Dan scorched the Spitter in end step, Brian responded, powering it up with the Armor. Dan then finally played fourth land, Ghitu Fired the Spitter and discarded a Tower Drake. Brian played his own Drake from the Graveyard, and Recoiled his own Drake in response to a Shivan Emissary. Brian cast a Vodalian serpent with kicker on the next turn, and Dan Probed with kicker looking for an answer. He took nine from a powered up Serpent, before peeling off a Demise for the serpent. Brian cast an Urborg Phantom, and Dan cast a Kicked up Serpent to block. The two traded next turn, Brian was at eight, Dan at five. Brian made a Razorfoot Griffin and Dan Recoiled the Power Armor in end step, effectively killing it. Dan then cast a Stalking Assassin, taking two in beats from the Griffin. Dan then effectively has the game locked up, since Brian can only cast one creature a turn thanks to the Agenda, and the Assassin kills it each turn. Dan's Faerie Squadron finishes the job soon after.

Brian sideboarded into his green white deck, with Cloaks and beatdown monsters. While Dan just looked to draw more land in game 2.

Game 2

Game two was over in six turns, as Brian failed to play a forest, and died with six green cards in his hand. He had spent a lot of time deciding whether or not to mulligan. Unfortunately for Brian, the odds didn't work out.

Final Result: Dan Clegg 2 - 0 Brian Clegg

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