Round 7 Feature Match: Chris Chin (Your Move Games) vs. Jason Bernard (Lenox Sportscards)

Posted in Event Coverage on July 18, 2003

By Alex Shvartsman

Both players are at fifteen points, so while it seems likely that a draw would put both of them into the top 8, Chin’s tiebreakers are poor and he could miss out, so he chose to play it out instead.

Game 1

Bernard opened with Llanowar Elves. His opponent cast a first turn Careful Study discarding Roar of the Wurm and Arrogant Wurm. On his second turn Bernard declared himself as an Elvish Succession player when he played Swamp and tapped out to summon a Nantuko Husk. He then proceeded to Smother a Merfolk Looter Chin had cast and summon a Wirewood Herald.

Chin cast a second Merfolk Looter. When his opponent attacked with Husk, he let it through, feeling safe at eighteen life. Safe he was not. Before attacking, Bernard sacrificed a Herald, got another Herald and put it into play. After no blockers were declared, he sacrificed Llanowar Elf and the Herald, got Caller of the Claw, cast it, put its ability on the stack, and sacrificed it too. This gave him four tokens, which he also sacrificed to deal exactly eighteen points of damage.

“I did not count this through,” said disappointed Chin,

At this point Chin offered a draw, and Bernard was gracious enough to accept, despite being a game up in a very favorable matchup.

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