Round 7 Feature Match: Dave Cox vs. Matt Boccio

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Game 1

Dave played first, dropping two Islands. Matt went up to two Plains and summoned a Steadfast Guard. Dave played a Swamp, and Matt attacked with the Guard. He then played Defiant Vanguard, which was killed with Vendetta. Another Falcon was attempted on the following turn, and it was Undermined. Nether Spirit was then dropped, and Matt played a Lin Sivvi, which died to Vendetta. This left Nether Spirit and Steadfast Guard staring at each other, until Dave attacked with the Spirit, and played a third Vendetta on the Guard when it attacked. In response, Matt played Reverent Mantra, discarding Disenchant. It was Undermined, and the Guard headed to the graveyard. However, Matt was not done, and he played Ramosian Lieutenant. It was Recoiled on Dave's turn, and Matt discarded a Disenchant.

On the following turn it was replayed, and resolved. Dave attacked with Nether Spirit, and ended his turn. Matt untapped, and played Meddling Mage. In response, Dave cast Tsabo's Decree naming Rebels, killing off the Lieutenant. Matt then named Tsabo's Decree on the Mage. Dave now played Bribery, and fetched Ramosian Sky Marshal. Matt played a second Mage, naming Undermine. However, the two smiling Pikulas could not handle the Nether Spirit and Sky Marshal, which soon brought Dave victory.

Cox 1 - Boccio 0

Game 2

Dave mulliganed his opening hand in this game. Matt started strong with a first turn Sergeant, and followed up with a second turn Lieutenant. Both served on the next turn, since Matt missed his third land drop. He played Seal of Cleansing and ended his turn. Dave played Juntu Stakes, and Matt untapped and buried it with the Seal. He should have done this at the end of Dave's turn so that he could have untapped his creatures. At the end of the turn, Dave cast Fact or Fiction, which was divided into piles of Nether Spirit/Island/Accumulated Knowledge, and Island/Accumulated Knowledge. Dave took the two card pile, which put Nether Spirit into the graveyard. This allowed Dave to bring the Nether Spirit into play on his upkeep.

Matt now searched out Sivvi, and it was Recoiled, causing a Sivvi to be discarded. Matt played Sergeant and then a Lightbringer, which was countered. Sivvi was replayed on the following turn, and Dave responded with Accumulated Knowledge for two. It resolved, but was killed with Vendetta. Another Sivvi was played and resolved, and Steadfast Guard also hit play successfully. At the end of Dave's next turn, the dead Lightbringer was shuffled back into Matt's library, and brought back into play. It removed Nether Spirit from the game, clearing the way for a massive Rebel beatdown. Dave cast Probe, obviously trying to dig into Tsabo's Decree. Sivvi searched for Steadfast Guard at the end of turn, and put a dead Sivvi back into the library. This produced exactly enough damage for Matt to attack for the win.

Cox 1 - Boccio 1

Game 3

The action started with Matt's turn two Falcon, which was targeted with Vendetta. Matt kept it alive with Reverent Mantra, discarding Steadfast Guard. He then played a Meddling Mage on Tsabo's Decree, which was Recoiled, but stayed out thanks to another Reverent Mantra, discarding Parallax Wave. On the next turn both creatures attacked, and Matt was unable to take full advantage of the situation because he was stuck at two lands.

Dave soon took out the Meddling Mage with Recoil and played Tsabo's Decree, crippling Matt's hand and his cards in play. The Meddling Mage came back and attacked a few turns, but eventually died to a Tsabo's Decree on Wizards. Dave saw one card in Matt's hand, which was Ramosian Lieutenant. He then played Probe with kicker, leaving Matt with an empty hand. Matt obviously drew many lands after this, and Dave continued to gain card advantage through Probe and Fact or Fiction. Dave soon played Bribery, getting Ramosian Sky Marshal. Dave now had a full hand, while Matt had only one card, which was reason enough for Matt to concede.

Final Result: Cox 2 - Boccio 1

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