Round 7 Feature Match: Dave Williams vs. Rafael La Saux

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By Josh Bennett

La Saux won the die roll and chose to draw. Williams had no early offense, matching his Nomadic Elf with a Samite Archer. After soaking two damage he added a Stormscape Familiar and Samite Pilgrim to the board.

La Saux played a lair and summoned a Mire Kavu with no swamps to boost its stats. Williams was on a roll, busting out Spirit Weaver and trading his Familiar in for a Silver Drake. La Saux played a land and passed the turn.

Williams swung for three with the Drake and recast his Familiar. At the end of his turn La Saux Recoiled the Drake. He untapped and played Frenzied Tilling on Williams only blue source. This left him with only Plains in play. Williams drew and hit with the Familiar, visibly upset at his mana difficulties.

La Saux gave him difficulties of another sort when he cast Tahngarth, Talruum Hero. Now he was free to pick apart Williams' defense. Williams drew an Island and replayed the Drake. La Saux let it bounce a Spirit Weaver, which Williams replayed. Williams attacked with his Familiar. La Saux destroyed the Archer with the Minotaur.

He untapped and put on his thinking cap. With two land types, Williams could protect his Drake with Samite Pilgrim. This would give him enough time to finish La Saux off. He was only at seven. He eventually decided to cast Flametongue Kavu, killing the Pilgrim. Williams responded by protecting his Drake. Not only did La Saux forget to respond with Tahngarth's ability on the Drake, he activated the Minotaur later on in the turn, accomplishing nothing.

Williams untapped and attacked with both his fliers, knocking La Saux to three. He played an Island and ended his turn. La Saux thought hard before attacking with his three Kavu and Tahngarth. Williams checked that Tahngarth was attacking, then took the whole lot, falling to two. La Saux did not filter mana through his Nomadic Elf to pump his Caldera Kavu for the win.

Williams sent the Drake in the air. He pumped its toughness with Spirit Weaver, protecting it from the Minotaur. The reason for La Saux's reticence earlier became clear, as he filtered black mana and Death Bombed the Drake. The two-point life loss was enough to finish Williams.

Williams played first game two, but it didn't help him any. This time he was shy on blue and stuck at three lands. He watched while La Saux exploded out of the gates with turn two Yavimaya Barbarian, turn three Nomadic Elf, turn four Caldera Kavu. Williams was forced to squander a Pollen Remedy to stem the bleeding.

Williams finally drew a blue source: A Salt Marsh. La Saux cast Fact or Fiction, but it didn't really matter. Williams scooped next turn.

Final Result: La Saux defeats Williams 2-0

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