Round 7 Feature Match: Don Dunham (JD’Z Gaming Supply) vs. Jordan McKible (Hammer’s Comics, Manchester, NH)

Posted in Event Coverage on July 18, 2003

By Eugene Zolotuskiy

McKible said that this was his first half a year of playing, and his first major tournament. Meanwhile Dunham is regular PTQ player. They both are competing for the remaining top 8 spot. This is a fast pace mirror match of two Green/Red Decks. McKible is 4-1-1 and needed this to go on to the next round, and Dunham was sitting pretty at 5-1-0

Game 1

McKible’s first Llanowar Elf dieds to a Firebolt, but he quickly followed up with another one and a Grim Lavamancer. Dunham killed the second elf and played a Basking Rootwalla, which he lost to the Lavamancer’s ability next turn. Both players drop Mongrels on their respective turns. McKible also managed to throw down a Call of the Herd token, which got Hammered the next turn by Dunham.

Dunham cleverly madnessed out a Basking Rootwalla to block the attacking Grim Lavamancer. Both players put a 3/3 elephant token in play. Elephant Guide bolstered the Wild Mongrel and the dog entered into the red zone, lowering Dunham’s life to 7.

McKible decided to go for the win next turn and double Volcanic Hammered Dunham down to a measly 1 life, with a huge dog staring at him on the other side. Dunham tried to bolster his defense with a flashed back Call of the Herd token and another Mongrel, but a Firebolt next turn was more that enough to take it to game 2.

Sideboards are as follows:

Dunham –2 Blistering Firecats – 1 Basking Rootwalla, +3 Caller of the Claw.
McKible +1 Firecats, –1 Grim Lavamancer.

McKible 1 – Dunham 0

Game 2

Dunham was forced to mulligan, but liked the other six cards he drew, and played an elf on his turn, which was reciprocated by McKible. Dunham dropped a 3/3 Elephant Token, and McKible played a Wild Mongrel on his turn. Dunham took his team to the house but not before dropping an elephant guide on his 3/3 Elephant token, quickly lowering McKible’s life total to 14, and Firebolted McKible’s Elf.

McKible looked perplexed and had to lose his Rootwalla for fear of losing another 6 life to the 3/3 Elephant Token on steroids, still stuck on two lands, and with the Llanowar Elf in the graveyard, things do not look too good for McKible, as Dunham flashed back his Call and was determined to kill McKible before he found the much needed land.

Holding on to dear life, McKible was forced to lose another Rootwalla to the huge elephant again, and trade his Grim Lavamancer with the little token. After seeing the Lavamancer die to a Volcanic Hammer, still no luck with the third land, and Phantom Centaur and the 6/6 token looking at him, McKible decided to stop the bleeding and go to game 3.

McKible 1 – Dunham 1

Dunham decided to take out 2 Elephant Guides and board in 2 Naturalizes before starting game 3.

Game 3

Dunham was forced to Paris again, drawing no land in his opening hand. McKible accidentally dropped a card from his hand to which Dunham responded “I did not see ANYTHING.” Frowning at his mistake McKible played an Elf and passed the turn. McKible dropped a 3/3 elephant token and Dunham responded with a Wild Mongrel and a Grim Lavamancer of his own. “It worked last game,” said McKible, powering his 3/3 token to a 6/6 with an Elephant Guide, knocking Dunham down to 13.

Dunham played a 3/3 token of his own, and traded his token and two cards for the supercharged 6/6 Elephant. Deciding not to kill the 4/4 Mongrel with 3 damage on him, McKible flashed back his Call of the Herd. All of a sudden Dunham saw 2 3/3 Elephants looking at him. Drawing nothing that could help him, he passed the turn.

McKible got a second Elephant Guide on one of his 3/3 Elephant tokens. Trading his Wild Mongrel for one of the tokens and chump-blocking the hyper Elephant with the Lavamancer, Dunham dropped a Caller of the Claw at McKible’s end step, getting two 2/2 bear tokens in play.

McKible Violent Eruptioned the Wild Mongrel and powered the 6/6 Elephant through, and on his turn a double Volcanic Hammer sealed the deal. McKible advanced to the top 8, while Dunham had to pray his tie breakers are good enough to get him there.

McKible 2 – Dunham 1

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