Round 7 Feature Match - Josef Marsicek vs. (4) Shahar Shenhar

Posted in Event Coverage on January 20, 2014

By Tobi Henke

With one loss and one draw, these players entered the fray this round on the brink of an early elimination. Czech Josef Marsicek, playing for the host country, could certainly feel at home here in Prague, world-traveling and incidentlly world-championing Shahar Shenhar, playing for Israel, it would seem, pretty much feels at home everywhere.

Currently ranked 4th in the world, Shenhar was clearly the favorite here and his deck was too. Shenhar's Affinity was poised to do battle against Marsicek's Merfolk, a match-up Marsicek tentatively described as "terrible."

Josef Marsicek

Game 1

Shenhar led with Mox Opal, Inkmoth Nexus, Vault Skirge, and Ornithopteron turn one, followed by Thoughtcast on turn two and another Mox, Springleaf Drum, and Cranial Plating on turn three. Meanwhile, Marsicek, looking glum, had only summoned one Lord of Atlantis. A second Plating on turn four would have almost killed Marsicek who barely survived thanks to Dismember. Survive for one more turn, that is.

No one expected Marsicek to win before sideboarding, least of all Marsicek himself. He boarded a whopping nine cards (including multiple copies of Steel Sabotage, Hurkyl's Recall, Kira, Great Glass-Spinner, and Spell Pierce) and then the players were off to game two.

Game 2

Blinkmoth Nexus, Mox Opal, Springleaf Drum, Ornithopter, and Steel Overseer was Shenhar's opening, but this time Marsicek was prepared, pinpointing Steel Sabotage at the Overseer. Shenhar's Master of Etherium then met Dismember, and for a moment it appeared as if he could actually prevent the World Champion from sticking a real thread. Meanwhile, Marsicek himself had summoned Coralhelm Commander and Lord of Atlantis and was beginning to get in some damage of his own.

Next, Shenhar cast Etched Champion, while Marsicek added Phantasmal Image to his team, coyping Lord of Atlantis. However, when he attacked, Shenhar killed one Lord with Galvanic Blast and blocked the other dead with Etched Champion. From Marsicek's perspective the game had taken a definite turn for the worse.

Shahar Shenhar

Left with just a lonely Coralhelm Commander, Marsicek couldn't race Shenhar's robot army which in the end included two Memnites, Etched Champion, Vault Skirge, Ornithopter, and three copies of Blinkmoth Nexus.

Josef Marsicek 0-2 (4) Shahar Shenhar

"That Galvanic Blast ..." Marsicek wondered aloud, "I probably shouldn't have attacked there."

"I'm not so sure," Shenhar replied. "Then you can't attack at all. Basically, then you can't ever get in any damage at all, which is a losing proposition just the same." In the end, it appears, the Merfolk-versus-Affinity match-up was just too lopsided and even Marsicek's massive sideboarding couldn't alleviate the problem.

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