Round 7 Feature Match: Kai Budde vs. Andre Konstanczer

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By Mark Wraith

Game 1

Kai's opening draw was land-heavy with five lands, but his spells were Magma Burst and Andradite Leech, so he decided to keep it. He went first, and played the Leech on his third turn, and attacked for six with it on his fourth turn. Andre had a Nightscape Familiar and an Urborg Drake, which attacked for two.

The Familiar held off the Leech for a while, as Andre added a Stormscape Familiar to play, and Kai summoned a Sea Snidd, as he waited for a good opportunity to cast Magma Burst.

When Kai next attacked, with both of his creatures, Andre double-blocked the Sea Snidd with a Morgue Toad and the Nightscape Familiar. Regeneration left him with one blue mana open, so when Kai tried to play Magma Burst with kicker, Andre countered it with a Confound - gaining an impressive three-for-zero card advantage.

Budde was left with just an Andradite Leech in play, and four land, whereas Andre had the two Familiars, and an Urborg Drake. However, Budde was far from finished, casting Do or Die, and destroying the regenerating Nightscape Familiar with it. His attack then brought Andre down to seven. Andre's attack reduced Kai to six, and Konstanczer had a potential chump-blocker for the Leech - a Stormscape Battlemage played without kicker.

Kai drew a pretty good card for the situation - Halam Djinn, but this would tap him out, and so Kai just attacked with the Leech, and summoned a Phyrexian Bloodstock after his attack hoping to keep the Djinn back as a surprise. Andre returned the Leech and the Bloodstock to Kai's hand and attacked with everything.

Kai must have hoped for something like this as it meant that the Halam Djinn would kill Konstanczer next turn - assuming of course Andre had nothing else to play. Unfortunately for Kai - Andre did have something else, another Stormscape Battlemage without kicker.

However, Kai's draw of Singe at least meant that it would be possible for him to stay alive for one further turn, as he could kill the Stormscape Familiar, and then play either Phyrexian Bloodstock or the Andradite Leech. He decided to play the Leech, but conceded once Andre showed him a Repulse.

Game 2

Before this game begins Andre thinks for a while about whether to sideboard in Disrupt, and eventually decides not to, although there are plenty of spells in Kai's deck that it could be potentially devastating against. Andre kept a one-island hand going first, although he did have Opt, and Vodalian Merchant to find more mana-sources with. Kai also had a one land hand, but decided to mulligan.

His six-card hand was more palatable, however. Andre did draw a land with his Opt, but not a third one with his Merchant. Kai meanwhile simply played a Shivan Zombie on his second turn. Andre wanted to get rid of the Zombie, so he attacked with the Merfolk, then played a third land and Zapped it after Kai blocked.

Andre had recovered enough from his early mana screw to play creatures now, although his Slimy Kavu was certainly less than stellar. Kai played a Ravenous Rats, causing Andre to discard a Faerie Squadron which looked like it might have remained uncastable for quite a few turns.

Andre continued to recover his mana, as he played a Nightscape Familiar and a Dream Thrush, Budde only playing a 1/1 Vodalian Hypnotist. This was destroyed by a Scorching Lava, and Andre played Urborg Drake.

With Konstanczer having four creatures in play, Kai decided now was a good time to cast Do or Die, Andre keeping Slimy Kavu, and the Familiar which allowed him to empty his hand on his next turn as he played Stormscape Familiar and Mire Kavu, emptying his hand.

Kai took advantage of Andre's lack of cards in hand to cast Recoil on the Mire Kavu. Now Kai finally drew his fifth land, allowing him to bring out Sea Snidd, and next turn both Andradite Leech and Caldera Kavu. However, he was only on five life - and still did not have a way to kill the Familiar.

Perhaps he would kill Andre first, though, as he played a Pouncing Kavu (with kicker) and attacked with his creatures except for the Ravenous Rats. This was potentially dangerous - he was only at five, and Andre had a Repulse in his hand. Andre had only four power worth of creatures on the table, meaning that he could not kill Kai by Repulsing the Ravenous Rats and attacking with everything.

He decided to take his chances on drawing something though, blocking the Andradite Leech with his Nightscape Familiar and taking the rest. This gamble paid off, as the Repulse gave him an Agonizing Demise - an extra three damage to Kai via his Pouncing Kavu.

Final Result: Andre Konstanczer defeats Kai Budde 2 - 0

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