Round 7 Feature Match: Michelle Bush vs. Lauren Passmore

Posted in Event Coverage on December 16, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

by Christopher Wong

Round 7 matched both of these female competitors against each other with the winner going on to Day 2 and the loser relegated to sitting on the sidelines. Both players played the most popular deck of Grand Prix Phoenix, Necro-Donate. This match was sure to be an attention grabber given the situation. Unfortunately, this match was both brutal and short

Game 1

Michelle Bush won the roll and started off by mulliganning. Equipped with a 6 card hand, she played a swamp and a mox diamond discarding an Underground Sea. Lauren answered on her turn by laying an Underground Sea and a Mox Diamond discarding a swamp. Michelle proceeded to Duress Lauren on the next turn getting to choose between a Donate, Firestorm, 2 Vampiric Tutors and an Illusions of Grandeur. Michelle claimed one of the tutors, put down an Underground Sea and passed the turn. Lauren Vampiric Tutored for a Peat bog going to 18 during Michelle's end step and then placed it down on her turn.

Michelle laid a badlands during her next turn and passed her turn. Lauren then proceeded to hardcast an Illusions of Grandeur going to 38 and laid a swamp. At Lauren's end step, Michelle then Vampiric Tutored for a Necro. On her turn, she cast it, necroing for 15, looking for an answer to the illusions. She discarded, ending her turn at 3 life.

Lauren drew, donated the illusions which amazingly got no response from Michelle. Michelle proceeded to pay for the illusions, played two mox diamonds and a swamp, and donated the illusions right back to Lauren. She Necroed for 1 putting her at 2.

Lauren let the donate go, going back down to 18 and firestormed Michelle for 1. Michelle conceded being effectively locked down under her own Necropotence.

Game 2

After some heavy sideboarding by both players, Michelle went first again. She played a swamp and duressed Lauren. Lauren showed a Force of Will, 2 Demonic Consultation, a Mox Diamond, a Swamp and 2 Gemstone Mine. Michelle took the Force of Will and passed the turn. Lauren drew, laid her swamp and mox diamond discarding a gemstone mine and ended her turn.

Michelle laid a badlands and said go, with Lauren consulting for a necro during her end step. She blasted through a lot of land during her consult but got her necro about 20 cards into her library. She then played a mox diamond, discarding a gemstone mine and cast her necro. She necroed for 5 and ended her turn.

Michelle answered right back by laying a swamp and cast her own Necro, Necroing for 10. She discarded land, 3 vampiric tutors, and a duress. Lauren consulted for an illusions during her main step which was only about 10 cards down, cast a mox diamond and laid a badlands. She cast her Illusions of Grandeur and necroed for the rest of her deck which only had 14 cards left.

Michelle laid a swamp and duressed Lauren, which was Force of Willed. After looking through the out of game pile, Michelle necroed for 7 going down to 3 life. Lauren donated the illusions during her own turn. In response, Michelle consulted for a Force of Will and alternatively cast it pitching another Force of Will. Lauren answered right back with her own Force of Will. With no other options available, Michelle conceded.

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