Round 7 Feature Match - Sousa vs. Gaxiola

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Collin Jackson

As the sun rose over Santiago for the second day of the Latin America Championship, Erico Sousa and Gustavo Chapela Gaxiola sat down for the first feature match of the day. Erico, who was playing Ponza Red, had come from Brasil and touted an impressive record of 5-0-1 from the previous day. Gustavo, whose record was 5-1, was playing Trinity Green and hailed from Mexico City.

Game one started out slowly as the players struggled to control the board. Gustavo played Plow Under, then paid six life to Phyrexian Processor. Erico, unwilling to face a horde of tokens, tried to choke off Gustavo's mana supply. He played Wildfire, taking out all land as well as Gustavo's Birds of Paradise. Erico's own Fire Diamonds were unaffected.

Gustavo was quick to come back, however, playing several more lands as well as a Yavimaya Elder. Although his Processor fell victim to Erico's Pillage, Gustavo's Elder served as an effective attacker against the struggling red deck. Finally Erico played a Masticore and the game immediately swung in his favor. Plowing through Gustavo's small green creatures, Erico quickly won the game.

The second game began with a rocky start on the part of Gustavo, who saw no Forests in any of his hands despite mulliganing twice. He finally drew a Forest on his third turn. Using the Forest and a Rishadan Port, he got a Vine Trellis into play, which assured him of green mana despite Erico's land destruction spells. Using his mana-producing creatures, he dropped a Masticore into play. Erico didn't quite have enough mana to burn the Masticore away. The 4/4 regenerating fatty soon went all the way, and the second game went to Gustavo.

The final game was rather anticlimactic, as Erico's deck did exactly what it was supposed to do: wipe away Gustavo's land. Pillage, Dust Bowl, and Avalanche Riders spelled doom for the unlucky green player, who failed to draw the lands he needed. Gustavo was mowed down by multiple Ghitu Encampments, and Erico Sousa took the match 2-1.

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