Round 7: Jon Finkel vs. Murray Evans

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By Josh Bennett

Jon Finkel vs. Murray Evans

Murray "The Mauler" Evans of Canada is easily mistaken for a young Eugene Harvey. If not for his sass-mouth and dangerous attire, he might pass for a child of three. But don't let that babyface fool you. Evans is as vicious as they come. And he'll need it, for in order to advance he has to face Jonny Magic himself. Finkel is more than accustomed to crushing dreams, and no amount of helplessness on The Mauler's part could sway his icy gaze.

Finkel seemed to draw strength from his nearby brother in victory Kai Budde. Low-Fives were exchanged.

Finkel was slow off the mark, making a fourth-turn Nantuko Disciple. Evans answered with Rotting Giant, and Finkel went for the jugular with Seton's Desire. The Giant chumped. Evans made Zombie Assassin in hopes of thwarting the beast. Finkel played Acceptable Losses, dropping a forest.

The Mauler, meanwhile, hadn't missed a land drop. His Mortivore came down as a 2/2, but the regeneration was all he needed. With seven land he played another Assassin. Finkel Thermal Blasted it. Evans got it back with Gravedigger. Finkel made a Halberdier. Evans made his Assassin.

Murray Evans

Finkel struck! Into the Red Zone, taking down the Gravedigger and doing three. The Mauler hit back for three with Mortivore. Barbarian Lunatic came to his aid. Finkel headed into the Red Zone again. Evans double-blocked, flinging his Lunatic at the Halberdier after damage. Finkel tried to Refresh his Disciple. Mauler countered by Assassinating it.

So Finkel's board was swept clean, and The Mauler was free to hit with his Mortivore. When Finkel didn't add anything to the equation, Mauler busted out Savage Firecat. One attack and one Scorching Missile, and they were on to Game 2.

Finkel warmed to an Evans mulligan, and started the beats with Wild Mongrel and Still Life. Volcanic Spray dispatched Barbarian Lunatic and he swung for six. The Mauler had no play, and ate another six damage.

Mindslicer made Finkel pause, but not for long. Three cards in hand after he drew put Evans firmly into disaster territory. Evans pushed the Mindslicer in front of the Still Life, watched Finkel pitch three, and packed it up.

Jon Finkel

Finkel's spirits rose. "Still Life is so bad, but it was so good that game!" he said, and added "I wasn't in love with it, I'll tell you that."

Finkel got the Mongrel again in Game 3, and showed a plains. Evans tried Barbarian Lunatic, but met Flame Burst. Then Finkel got in with Stalking Tiger. Evans was too busy getting the shaft to notice. He missed his fourth land drop and only mustered a Dusk Imp.

Jonny Magic was unstoppable. He hit for five and made Nantuko Disciple. Evans had no answer. He chumped the Tiger on the following turn. Afflict did nothing more than tap the Disciple. Evans' last gasp was Sarcatog. Finkel Flame Bursted, moving on to Day 2.

Final Result: Jon Finkel defeats Murray Evans 2-1

Jon Finkel

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Murray Evans

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