Round 7: Manuel Bevand vs. Gabriel Nassif

Posted in Event Coverage on July 4, 2003

By Rui Oliveira

They had more than enough time to discuss anything they might remember about Magic. They got deckchecked. You might remember Gabriel Nassif. No? French guy will both great individual and team finishes. You might remember Manuel Bevand. No? That's all right, he has been out of the spotlight for a while but back in the day – "the day" being the last millennium – he was one of the top European players.

Game 1

Nassif played turn three morph to open things up. Bevand cycled Swat looking for a non-Plains land and played Zealous Inquisitor before finding a Black source: Barren Moor.

By then Gabriel had three morphs, but was unwilling to walk into the Inquisitor. A landcycled Templar gave Manuel his fifth land. Nassif shook his head and went for the record: he played his fourth morph.

Slowly Manuel Bevand was turning the screws and taking complete control of the able. He played two Daunting Defenders, two more White creatures and started swinging. Nassif stuck to his theme and played a fifth morph – he was still stuck with Red mana - while the crowd laughed.

The laughter soon died when Manuel Bevand dropped the biggest elbow of them all: Infest. Ouch.

Gabriel Nassif smiled, scooped and shook his head. He had a very strange and e already knew he would have had a hard time balancing things out from that position.

Manuel 1-0 Gabriel.

Game 2

This time Nassif had both colors. His second turn Goblin Brigand was negated by Starlight Invoker and they both played a morph before Nassif played a second morph.

Vile Deacon
Bevand dropped Akroma's Devoted to eat up the Brigand and Nassif Carbonized his morph. Despite having a Infest Bevand didn't have the mana to ice the two opposing morphs and simply sit it out.

Meanwhile Nassif was cycling like a madman, looking for help. Bevand's Vile Deacon (6/6) started swinging. Gabriel stopped the first hit by unmorphing Aven Liberator but it was clear he was in a huge mess.

The next swing killed three creatures and when Bevand played a second Vile Deacon, Gabriel Nassif knew he was in big trouble. To add insult to injury his last-gasp card was the second Mountain he desperately needed to play Skirk Volcanist morphed, or drop the Goblin Dynamo in his hand.

Final Result: Manuel 2-0 Gabriel.

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