Round 7: Mark Wraith vs. Jan Doise

Posted in Event Coverage on November 30, 2002

By Stan van der Velden

Gilded Drake
Both players are in single elimination mode already as they both have a loss and a draw. They need 3 more wins to make it to day 2. Jan is playing a modified version of the Rock, splashing blue for a Gilded Drake in the sideboard. He's running 4 Living Wishes and 2 Vampiric Tutors main, cutting the Spiritmongers the Rock usually runs. He has one in the board to Wish for though. Mark is playing the Rock as well, opting to splash blue for a Gilded Drake of his own but only running 2 Wishes, giving him a slight disadvantage in the mirror match.

Game 1

Jan won the die roll and went first. Both players kept their initial 7. Mark had an excellent hand with a turn one Elf and two Elders as well as a Duress and an Edict. The Duress gets Duressed by Jan on turn 2 and Mark starts casting his Ancestral guys. Jan matched Mark's Elder with his own and chose not to block, preferring to race.

Mark then Therapied Jan for Living Wish and missed seeing a Tutor, a Deed and an Edict instead. Jan topdecked a Therapy of his own getting rid of Mark's remaining Elder and he dropped his Deed. With Jan significantly up on cards and also having the very important Dust Bowl advantage, Mark is hard pressed to find a way to get back in the game. A Volrath's Stronghold from Jan further adds to his problems.

At this point Jan starts working on Mark's mana first destroying a Treetop Village and then taking out a Llanowar Wastes. A Flashbacked Therapy gets rid of Mark's last card in hand, an Edict.
Living Wish for Genesis wraps up Game 1 as Jan's recursion easily handles everything Mark can throw at him.

Both players took out some Duresses and some random cards for more random creatures at which point both players confess they have no clue how to actually play their deck.

Game 2

Game 2 started off slow with both players playing a turn 2 Birds of Paradise after a Treetop Village from Mark and a Duress from Jan.

Mark went beatdown with a turn 3 Baloth and a turn 4 Genesis. Jan spend a crucial turn actually Living Wishing for his own Genesis, costing him a lot of tempo. Mark just sent his Genesis then cast a Spike Feeder after his attack phase. This probably cost him at least 4 damage as he couldn't really attack his Baloth into Jan's Genesis without a little help from the Spike. The next turn saw both creatures enter the Red Zone and Jan decided to block the Baloth to try and stop the bleeding a little. A last-ditch turn 6 Visara did little to stop the savage beating and Mark even got off a Living Wish of his own to Butcher it.

Game 3

A flurry of Birds of Paradise kicked off game 3 with Mark playing a turn 3 Genesis and Jan taking the more conservative route with a Wall and a Birds. Jan then played a turn 4 Genesis and they traded the next turn with no creatures to actually recur yet. It seemed that whoever drew their Elder first would have a great advantage. Mark drew and cast a Vampiric Tutor getting a Living Wish to tutor up a Crypt Creeper instead of just getting an Elder and trying to win the card advantage war. There are good arguments for both options here and we'll just have to wait and see how the Creeper plan works out.

Another Tutor from Mark gets him a Baloth to give him some life to work with, as a Treetop Village was slowly but steadily chipping away at his life total, but a Coffin Purge from Jan shut out any thoughts of recursion Mark might have had. Mark continued topdecking with a Feeder as Edict bait and potential pumper as Jan proceeds to peel land after land. An Edict only served to get rid of a one counter Feeder and when Mark dropped a Deed next turn, Jan was out of outs.

Final Result: Game 3 and match to Mark Wraith

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