Round 7: Noah Boeken vs Jos Schreurs

Posted in Event Coverage on April 27, 2003

By Stan van der Velden

Jos is a long time Dutch Magic player, considered a Limited specialist by those in the know. He won GP Copenhagen and made top 8 at GP Antwerpen, both Draft events. Today his draft didn’t work out too well as he first picked Mobilization over Tusker and saw the White dry up real quick. Noah, on the other hand, got his hands on a very good Red/Green/Blue deck, helped out by Jaap Brouwer’s inexperience with the cards. Jos was not too confident going into this match and it showed in their pregame conversation:

“This match will probably take 10 or 15 minutes”
“That bad, huh?”
“What do you think?”
“I remember you have a Screeching Buzzard and ehm…”

Game 1

Jos went first and got a slow start whereas Noah played a turn two Sparksmith and followed it up with a turn three Mistform Dreamer. Jos had a hand full of morphs and couldn’t play anything till turn six, when he played the White Dragon. Aven Warhawk came down and the rest of Jos’ hand were Soldiers or Birds making it a 7/7 flier. Noah’s offense was stopped cold and all he had to add was a Screaming Seahawk getting another. Daru Lancer further shored up Jos’ defense. Noah put a Skill on his Echo Tracer and shot the Lancer but the Warhawk still sat there, holding everyone off. A Complicate countered Jos’ Gempalm Avenger and drew Noah a card, making a bad situation even worse. Bane of the Living was his only out at this point as Noah could just swarm past the 7/7 with his little dorks. It would be a great out though, decimating Noah’s team and leaving a 4/3 body to go with the 7/7. The question was, did Jos have it? He played a morph with three land up. Noah shot it with the Tracer. Bane of the Living was turned face up but the X was 1 so it didn’t kill the Skilled Tracer. Swat did, though and Jos started to make a miraculous comeback. Would he be able to wrest control of the game before Noah could kill him. A Dive Bomber and another morph seemed up to the task off holding off Noah’s two remaining creatures, two Screaming Seahawk. A turn later the Aven Warhawk got his beat on. Two turns later Noah was dead, shaking his head and wondering where this game turned awry.

1-0 Jos

Game 2

Game two seemed way more fair as Noah’s first play was a turn three Marauder that unmorphed to kill Jos’face down guy. Turn 5 and 6 featured Seahawks for Noah and a Righteous Cause and a Mobilization for Jos, a combo that could get out of hand quickly. Astral Slide added another enchantment to Jos’ side of the playing field and Noah was in trouble if he couldn’t turn up the pressure soon. A Barkhide Mauler turned the Mobilization into a chumpblocking machine for a while but the Righteous Cause was keeping Jos’ life total way too high for Noah to race Jos’ evergrowing army of little beaters. Noah’s second Skirk Marauder traded for a Swat and a Soldier token and two Mistform Dreamers came down to put a little pressure on Jos. A ninth land meant three Soldiers, a lot of life and a lot of damage each turn. Noah was trying to make the best out of the situation swinging with his fliers for four damage but he couldn’t keep up with the Mobilization – Righteous Cause engine and had to concede after futilely trying to stem the tide of soldiers coming at him for a couple more turns.

2-0 Jos

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