Round 7: Pang Ming Wee vs. Stephen Wood

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By Dan Gow

Going into the Australian Nationals this year Pang Ming had the highest composite rating. Being a local favorite of Brisbane it was good to see him at 5-1. His opponent in the final round of swiss was Stephen Wood, a Sydney student whose first sanctioned tournament was the Planeshift Pre-Release this year. Stephen has proved to be no scrub as he went one to win the pre-release and establish himself as one of the better young players.

Game 1

Stephen was forced to play and sadly forced to miss a 3rd turn land drop, Pang Ming played consecutive Springing Tigers on turns 4 & 5, with Stephen still being stuck at 2 land. Turn 5 mocked him as he drew his Timberland ruins, which came into play tapped. A 6th turn Chainflinger from Pang Ming dealt with the Werebear, which also would have been a nice answer for his mana problems. Stephen drew a Still Life, which didn't become active until turn 7, with him down to 3 life. All too late.

Game 2

Stephen elected to play, a Crypt Creeper second turn rewarded him for such a bold play. However Pang Ming had a second turn Werebear and a 3rd turn Springing Tiger. Steve was able to draw level in the creature stakes with a Tiger of his own, but the 4th turn Squirrel's Nest is always hard to deal with when you're playing G/R/B. The Tigers traded, the Werebear died to a Ghastly Demise and the Crypt Creeper to a Firebolt, which left just the nest on the table where both players stalled for 2 turns - much to Pang Ming's advantage.

A Krosan Avenger did nothing for Stephen with only 1 toughness and Pang Ming's second Tiger turned the heat up just a little too much. Again the Still life was ineffective in such a fast paced game, and Sylvan Might did horrible things for the young Sydneysider as he tried to make his Avenger trade with the Tiger. He then drew land for the next two turns, which let Pang Ming embrace a joyful squirrel victory. The win sets Pang Ming nicely in Pod #2 for tomorrow, and well done to Stephen for making Day 2 at his first big tournament (Pod #7).

Final Result: Wee over Wood 2-0

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