Round 7: Primal Beatdowns

Posted in Event Coverage on August 30, 2012

By Steve Sadin

Earlier this year, ChannelFireball teammates Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa and Brian Kibler played against each other in the finals of Pro Tour Dark Ascension. In that match, Kibler managed to best Damo da Rosa in a hard fought five game match to earn his second Pro Tour title.

This time around, the two players are 3-3 at the Magic Players Championship and in need of a very strong run in order to advance to Friday's final matches.

Pro Tour Dark Ascension finalists clash under the spotlight once again!

Will Damo da Rosa be able to even the score against Kibler? Or will Kibler once again emerge victorious?

Game 1

Damo da Rosa began the first game with a Krenko's Command and a Liliana's Shade, but these creatures were no match against Kibler's start of Farseek, Elvish Visionary, Deadly Recluse, and turn four Garruk, Primal Hunter (which he got fifth pick in the third pack of the draft).

Damo da Rosa attempts to stay afloat in a rocky first game.

Without any way to break through and kill the Garruk, Primal Hunter, Damo da Rosa could only watch as Kibler made beasts and ticked up his planeswalker's loyalty counters. When Kibler finally used the ultimate ability on his Garruk, Primal Hunter to make eight 6/6 tokens, Damo da Rosa promptly conceded.

Damo da Rosa 0, Kibler 1

Game 2

The second game went even worse than the first for Damo da Rosa as he had to mulligan down to five and got stuck on two lands.

Damo da Rosa did have a Knight of Infamy to put some early pressure on Kibler, but that was it. Before Damo da Rosa even drew his third land, Kibler had cast a Sentinel Spider, a Vastwood Gorger, and Garruk, Primal Hunter.

That is not a board that you want to be staring down.

His green creatures and the planeswalker made short work of the Brazilian pro.

Damo da Rosa 0, Kibler 2

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