Round 7: Raffaele Lo Moro vs. Ed Fear

Posted in Event Coverage on May 9, 2003

By Toby Wachter

Ed Fear could have drawn into Day 2, but opted to play in the final round. He likes his deck, and needs Top 16 to stay on the gravy train and qualify for Nationals and Worlds. Lo Moro just shook his head, knowing that the loser wouldn't play tomorrow.

Fear: "I've conceded about ten matches in my life that I shouldn't have, and I'm tired of being a nice guy."

Fear wished his opponent luck, and Lo Moro straight up told him he couldn't do the same, and hoped that Fear would be mana screwed.

Game 1

Festering Goblin
Lo Moro opened with Festering Goblin, and Fear summoned Wirewood Elf. The board dominating Timberwatch Elf joined Lo Moro's side, while Fear had Snarling Undorak. The Goblin attacked and was pumped to deal three damage total, and Husk made Lo Moro's position even better. The Undorak got through for three damage, and Mistform Shrieker gave Fear a clock in the air. The race continued as the Husk and Goblin attacked for five total, and Lo Moro played a morph. This time, only the Shrieker attacked for three, as the Undorak and six untapped mana stayed back. Lo Moro thought, stretched, and suddenly sent all his creatures but the Timberwatch Elf into combat with body language that suggested strong confidence. Undorak blocked the morph creature, which flipped over to reveal Treespring Lorian. The Undorak pumped itself once, and when Lo Moro tried to pump his 5/4 with Timberwatch Elf, Fear used Mage's Guile in response. This caused the Lorian and Undorak to trade.

Fear attacked for three with the Shrieker, and tapped out to summon Krosan Tusker. After some thought, Lo Moro attacked with the Husk and Goblin. Tusker blocked the Husk, and Feeding Frenzy made the Tusker 4/3. The Goblin was sacrificed to the Husk, making it big enough to kill the large beast. Vile Deacon gave Lo Moro more pressure on the table. Fear drew, cycled Backslide and ended his turn, keeping the Shrieker and Wirewood Elf back. The Elf chump blocked the Husk, and Fear conceded a turn later.

Lo Moro- 1 Fear- 0

Lo Moro offered the draw at this point, and Fear took it. He showed Lo Moro the deck he didn't want to concede with, which was u/g/r with two Timberwatch Elves among other powerful cards, and splashed red for two Lightning Rifts.

Fear mentioned that this was probably the best-case scenario, since now he doesn't feel bad about taking a draw, and both competitors will get to play tomorrow. Once the slip was signed Fear offered to buy Lo Moro dinner, which he accepted.

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