Round 8: Andrew Mitchel vs Mark Wraith

Posted in Event Coverage on May 1, 2003

By Matt Harper

Round 8 and both players here are on a mission to try and win out to make the 25-26 points that are probably needed to make top 8 as after 3-2-1 record day one 6 wins is what they need.

Mark is piloting a mono green deck containing a small elf army of Elvish Warriors and Elven Riders with 4 Krosan Vorine and several beasts to back up the early elf beats. Andrew on the other hand is playing red/green containing lots of morph creatures with both Spitting and Needleshot Gourna’s.

Game 1

Andrew wins the dice roll and elects to play first, both players are happy with their opening hands and Andrew starts the game off by playing a forest, as does Mark. Mark casts the first creature on turn 2, an Elvish Warrior, while Andrew makes a third turn morph. Mark attacks for two past the morph and makes his own morph creature. Andrew summons an Outrider, but with no beasts in play under his control it can’t take out the Elvish Warrior, which on the following turn swings with Marks morph to put Andrew on 14 and is backed up by a Krosen Vorine.

Andrew then makes a Spitting Gourna wich is provoked and killed via Wirewood Pride on the Vorine. The morph creatures then begin to get turned face up as Andrews mana base increases, with the first being a Rockshard Elemental for Andrew which on the following turn gets enchanted with Mythic Proportions, this should start to secure the ground up for Andrew allowing him to play more of his beats out and overpower mark by his creatures just being bigger.

The following turn sees Mark unmorph his Nantuko Vigilante to kill the mythic proportions, kill Andrews only other creature with the Vorine and cast a timberwatch elf with 3 other elves also in play. Andrew considers his position on 5 life and concedes game 1.

Andrew begins sideboarding cards for game 2 with Mark commenting on his deck having to swarm his opponant as his best route to victory demonstrated game 1.

Game 2

Again Andrew makes the decision to play first, both players keep their opening hands and as in game one both players make a first turn forest with Mark having the two drop in the form of a Wirewood Herald.

Andrew lays his second land, a mountain, and plays a Taunting Elf, but Mark makes a third turn morph followed by a fourth turn Krosan Vorine as in game 1. Andrews turn three is less productive missing a land drop but making up for it by drawing the land turn 4 and attacking with his Taunting Elf which gets blocked by Marks morph which in turn dies when the Elf has a Wirewood Pride cast upon it.

Marks morph was a Snarling Undorak.

With those out of the way Andrew makes another 2 morphs on the following turns while still increasing his land base ready to start unmorphing them into large beasts. Mark however doesn’t let up at all, provoking and killing the taunting elf to stop any more cheeky tricks Andrew may have while having a Barkhide Mauler join his side of the table, quickly followed by an Elven Rider. Andrew stops and considers his position before saying to Mark “Elven Riders are a strong play at this point”.

A few turns later Andrews life total had dropped enough that unless he could deal with the Rider he was dead in two turns, he draws and plays a Needleshot Gourna, Mark then untaps with Andrew at 4 life and calls a judge to ask the question if the Elven Rider can be blocked by the Gourna. The head judge rules that as the Needleshot Gourna does not have the ability ‘flying’ it cannot block the Rider. Mark attacks with the Rider and plays Vitality Charm on it to do the last 4 points and win the match 2-0.

Mark is still now in with a chance of 6-0 and making top 8.

Mark wins 2-0.

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