Round 8: Anton Jonsson vs. Franck Canu

Posted in Event Coverage on April 12, 2003

By Amiel Tenenbaum and Carlos Romao

The GP Sevilla winner against the Masters Chicago winner. One revolution in the coverage, two people doing the same coverage. Can you believe it?
Amiel and Carlos.

Game 1

Canu goes first. The first game is very quick, is just about Canu playing alone. He played a turn two Sparksmith, followed by a turn three morph, Anton could just do a turn morph that was killed by the 'smith with the help of one Skirk Marauder that come under play unmorphed. Then more creatures on Canu's side and just forests for Anton who scooped in the fifth turn.

Canu 1-0 Anton

Game 2

This time Anton goes first. No mulligan and Canu make the classical second turn Sparksmith. But this time he finds his death in the hands of one Solar Blast. The Canu third turn is a morphed one and Anton does the same thing. Skirk Marauder kills Anton's morph and open the way for one attack. Anton doesn't have nothing to play in his fifth turn and Canu plays a Daru Cavalier that has no friends. In the sixth turn the tide changed and Anton plays a Glowering Rogon showing one Symbiotic Beast. Canu plays a Goblin Machinist and Anton attacks with the 5/5. No blockers and the other beast shows up. Crested Craghorn helps Canu to breath a little.

Anton puts one Canopy Crawler with one counter and one Snarling Undorak in the table. The Crested provokes the Undorak, Goblin Machinist and Rogon die together and Canu plays Flamewave Invoker. Anton makes one trade that he will remember for a long time. Anton unmorphs the Chromeshell Crab and takes the 2/2 goblin. Canu is at five and the goblin says the last word in the game, killing his real owner.

Anton 1-1 Canu

Game 3

Guess what? Canu's starting again with a second turn Sparksmith.

But this time the 'smith attacked and got pumped by the Goblin Burrows on turn 3 without morph played. Anton takes his chance and plays a morph. Canu did not drew his 4th land and passed his turn. Anton played Undorak but got it killed by Sparksmith. Canu still doesn't find his land and passed again. Anton plays more huge creatures with a Berserker Murlodont. Canu finally managed to draw his 4th land and played a 5/5 Daru Stinger.

At this point Canu asked to his opponent to not unmorph the Chromeshell Crab, Anton was nice with him and only played a second morph Canu still angry with his lands and played a morph. Anton not that nice unmorphed the evil crab trading one of his morphs for THE Daru Stinger. Canu played a Goblin Machinist to help the little friend to kill the morphs but a little to late to kill the crab.

Because Anton really wanted to win quickly played only a +3/+3 Canopy Crawler to help the white amplify friend. Now the good news for us is we know that we are going to eat in a cheap restaurant with Jeudon (the goldfish from the team of the Ruel brothers). And you know that Carlos loves to eat but Florent is even worse. Now the game is almost over for Canu and after some more monsters from Anton, Canu just scooped and let Anton go on to 8-0

Final Result: Anton 2 – 1 Canu

Good experience for us and now we know that we should go back to English school, but be convinced that for one French and one green Brazilian speaking in Spanish together write in English it's hard work.

Carlos Romao(the biggest world champ fluke ever) and Amiel Tenenbaum (the most funny French guy after Olivier Ruel)

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