Round 8: Ben Seck vs. Ryan Fuller

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By Andrew Johnson

Both players featured in this match seemed to have drafted excellent decks, yet both players had lost their first rounds (though Ryan had gotten a match loss, not lost). Ryan Fuller had a blue/white deck loaded with four mana cards such as Aven Fisher and Dreamwinder, while TBS had a removal heavy u/b deck.

TBS came out of the gates fast game one with a turn three, four, and five drop. Ryan's life total starting dropping in the standard unopposed way, from 20 to 18 to 14 to 10, and then the beats started to slow. TBS got in a couple more points the next two turns until Ryan locked him out with a Second Thoughts and some blockers. Ryan Fuller rallied an aerial offense and started smashing TBS back. Finally, Ryan drew an Aether Burst to remove TBS' flying road bump. When Ryan cast his bounce spell, TBS said "Resolves." but then had an Aether Burst of his own, for two this time. TBS' superior Aether Burst merely bought him a turn though, and Ryan's flock delivered the final point of damage the following turn.

Game two, both players' faces showed that they were very happy with their opening hands, but as the match progressed, it showed that one player had all the trumps. Ryan Fuller cast the first spell of the game with a turn three Cephalid Looter, only to have it Afflicted immediately. On turn four, they each played out a Dreamwinder, and Ryan took the offensive since he had summoned his first. TBS chose not to block, probably fearing Embolden. This was a little odd, since the Embolden would probably be the only spell Ryan would get to cast that turn, and instead TBS took four and allowed Ryan to cast another creature. Many times in the early game it is just better to allow your opponent to win combat in exchange for them not being able to play another creature. Ryan proceeded to lay another Dreamwinder. TBS could only pass his turn and this time block a Dreamwinder and Repel the other. As is turns out, Ryan did not have any damage prevention and had just snuck in a free four points the previous turn. When Ryan tried to replay the Dreamwinder that was repelled, TBS had the Syncopate ready, though Ryan from the way Ryan was fingering his cards, it seemed like he could have laid another land and saved himself from this fate. Soon, Ben added Amugaba to the fray and claimed game two.

Game three started at a break-neck pace. These normally sedate players, not at all interested in drawing, showed the world that they could indeed play in the fashion of Mike Turian. Turns went by in a blur, where they would normally be a crawl. Ben reclaimed the tempo of the game after being forced to draw first by Aether Bursting Ryan's turn three Looter and then playing Patchwork Gnomes. When the Looter showed up again the following turn, Ben had found an Afflict for the annoying thing. From then on, the players took turn summoning creatures and trading a few, while both of their life totals dwindled a few points a turn. In the crucial last turns, Ryan Fuller traded his Aven Cloudchaser for a Fledgling Imp and took an Aven Windreader down to three. Ben Seck then had eight lands in play and a Morbid Hunger in his graveyard, so Ryan Fuller was hoping Ben didn't draw a land. This was an ok gamble since Ben had pitched his last card to Fledgling Imp, and Ryan was going to kill him in two turns. Alas, the top card of Ben's library was an island, letting a bit of flashback finish off Ryan.

Final Result: Ben Seck, 2-1

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