Round 8: Benjamin Caumes vs. Antoine Ruel

Posted in Event Coverage on May 4, 2003

By Mark Wraith

Game 1

Neither player had a spectacular start. Benjamin played first and made a second turn Aquamoeba, but with no relevant madness cards it only swung for one on turn three. Ruel made a Compulsion and Counterspelled Merfolk Looter.

Caumes drew Arrogant Wurm on turn four and tried to madness it into play with the Aquamoeba. Antoine used his Compulsion once without finding another counter and it resolved. He compulsed again on turn four after Caumes summoned a Wild Mongrel, then dropped his hand of four lands and a Compulsion on the table, as the Wurm and Aquamoeba would kill him on Benjamin's next turn

Benjamin Caumes 1 – Antoine Ruel 0

Antoine brings in three Persuasion and three Engineered Plague to complement his four Innocent Blood and four Smothers in the main deck. Benjamin brings in Envelop and Gigapede.

Game 2

Caumes start was much better this game as he got a Careful Study for two Basking Rootwallas on turn 1. He didn't have a turn three play, so he pumped one of them and Antoine was ready with a Smother, and an Innocent Blood for the other.

Caumes' draw contained only land and Circular Logics, so neither player cast a spell until Antoine's turn five, when he attempted a Compulsion. He didn't play his land first, which meant that Caumes could Logic it. After the game Antoine said "I wanted him to counter it so I could resolve Concentrate, but perhaps it wasn't right."

Ben used a second Logic to keep his turn six Merfolk Looter on the table when Antoine Smothered it. It still died to Antoine's Innocent Blood, and Ruel tapped out for his Concentrate. This didn't work out too well though, as Benjamin immediately drew Gigapede. Antoine only had Counterspells in hand, and took two hits from the Gigapede going to five.

Caumes did him a big favor by playing Merfolk Looter, finally giving Ruel a target for his Persuasion. Unfortunately this left Antoine with enough mana to counter a Roar of the Wurm. Ruel bought himself one more turn with Engineered Plague on Insects killing Gigapede, but after chumping with the Looter for a turn, he didn't find any answer to the 6/6.

Final Result: Benjamin Caumes defeats Antoine Ruel 2 – 0

After the game Antoine talked a little about his Tog deck. It has an interesting combination of creature removal and card drawing. He only has eight creature kill, four Innocent Blood and four Smother, where a lot of people have nine. There isn't any spot kill in the sideboard as such (apart from Ghastly Demise which is not boarded in but left as a Wish target), but he does have three each of Engineered Plague and Persuasion. He explained that he preferred Engineered Plague to things such as Chainer's Edict and Callous Oppressor. For card drawing he plays both Deep Analysis and two Concentrates, with the fourth Deep in the sideboard to give him a better matchup against control. "I have played a lot of Tog, and this is the version I think is best."

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