Round 8: Benny Wong vs. Louis Boileau

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By Toby Wachter

Benny Wong vs. Louis Boileau

Boileau came into this match as the only undefeated player in the tournament. Today he is playing an Orb-Opposition deck, and only needs a solid record to make Top 8. His opponent Benny is running a fairly standard Counter Rebel deck.

Game 1

Benny won the die roll and played first, but had to mulligan his opening hand. He opened with Adarkar Wastes, while Louis played island and Sleight of Hand. Ramosian Sergeant was summoned by Benny on turn two, and Louis played Merfolk Looter. The Looter went to work on Louis' next turn, and Glacial Wall came down. Sergeant searched out a Defiant Falcon during Louis' end step, as Benny started to build up a Rebel army. Louis played Thieving Magpie on turn four, and it resolved. During the end step, Defiant Falcon fetched Lin Sivvi. This would have been bad for Louis if not for the fact that Benny missed his fifth land drop. This meant that he could not search out a Ramosian Sky Marshal to block and kill the Magpie.

The Magpie now went to work, and Benny started throwing Falcons in front of it. A second Magpie soon joined, and resolved after a counterwar. Benny was still stuck at four lands, and could not find the crucial fifth necessary to search out Sky Marshal, which would hold off the Magpies. This meant that with every turn that passed, Louis would net one card drawn until a fifth land showed up. It finally did, and Louis responded with a word that cannot be reprinted on this family oriented website. Sure enough, the Sky Marshal came out, and the game now reached a stalemate- but one that Benny would break out of in time as his Rebels continued to multiply in numbers.

Louis tried to gain an upper hand by playing Opposition. A counterwar resulted, which resulted in Opposition hitting play. This allowed Louis to tap down the Sky Marshal, and attack with both Magpies to draw two cards. Meddling Mage was summoned by Benny on the following turn, but was countered with Foil. The Magpies continued their assault, assisted by Opposition tapping down the Marshal. At this point, things were looking bad for Benny, who was falling behind by a two card advantage with each of Louis' attacks.

Benny Wong

Benny attacked with some of his Rebels, which dealt a few points of damage to Louis. A Falcon was put back into his library during his turn, in response to a land being tapped. Louis now untapped, and used his creatures to tap down Benny's lands. This allowed him to play Static Orb, which resolved easily. This was bad news for Benny, as Louis now had a solid lock on the table. A few turns later, he tried to Disenchant the Orb, but Louis was ready with Counterspell. At this point, Benny couldn't possibly win the game, and conceded.

Wong- 0 Boileau- 1

Game 2

Benny opened strong with a first turn Sergeant, and Louis missed his second land drop. He discarded a Thieving Magpie and asked, "Who keeps a one land draw?" Lin Sivvi soon joined Benny's side, as did a Meddling Mage on Temporal Adept. Louis had drawn into a second land, and played Merfolk Looter, which would hopefully help him dig into some more lands. Static Orb hit play on turn three, effectively slowing down Benny's searching capabilities. This caused Benny to go into beatdown mode, as he attacked with Sergeant and Meddling Mage on his turns.

Opposition was played by Louis, which resulted in a counterwar that was won by Boileau. This was not as threatening as it could have been since Louis only had one creature in play, but it would allow him to work around Static Orb once he had more permanents in play. However, Benny searched out a Sky Marshal, which left most of his lands tapped, but gave him a clock that Louis would need to tap down, or take three damage.

Louis Boileau

Indeed, he used the Looter to tap down the Marshal on Benny's attack step, and then summoned Glacial Wall on his turn, giving him another tapper to work with. Benny untapped and played Seal of Cleansing, which was countered with an alternate casting cost Foil. Louis followed up with Thieving Magpie on his turn, which increased the pressure of the lock that he had on the table.

Benny now found himself almost entirely locked down, and he would have a hard time getting out of this position. The only possible way for him to come back would be Disenchant, but Louis still had cards in hand and mana available for countermagic. Plus, a Magpie was running to help Louis draw into more cards. At this point, victory was inevitable, and Louis took the win to stay undefeated.

Final Result: Wong- 0 Boileau- 2

Louis Boileau

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Benny Wong

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