Round 8: Brian Davis vs. Terry Tsang

Posted in Event Coverage on May 4, 2002

By Rui Oliveira

These two have had a great weekend so far, ending the first day with eighteen points. They sat down still discussing the picks at the top draft table. Apart from a few jokes about how lucky Kai Budde is, the main story seemed to be how bad Terry thought his deck was.

Game 1

Shadowmage Infiltrator
The game started slowly with Tsang dropping a turn three Stern Judge and Davis Predicting himself before dropping Shadowmage Infiltrator. Although Jon Finkel himself didn't make day two his name is still here in the Feature Match area in the shape of Odyssey's best cards.

Terry: "That is not a bad card."
Brain: "You're right."

The American followed that up with Crypt Creeper while Tsang used his Bomb Squad to get some counters on Finkel. A Crackling Club took out the Creeper and Tsang played his second Judge.

Finkel kept Brian's hand full but he couldn't find the tools to control the table. Aether Burst took the Squad out of the game for a while buying him some extra time to dig out a permanent answer.

While he couldn't keep the returned Squad from killing his Finkel he now had Aven Windreader to stop the Judge duo and balance things out. But the Canadian had other plans.

He dropped Divine Sacrament, pumping his Judges, and sending both in. The Windreader traded with one and Davis dropped down to six. The American tried to pump out blockers but the Squad made sure Tsang's creatures faced as little opposition as possible.

A couple of turns later Davis laid out his hand full of lands and conceded.

Terry: "I told you I could beat a mana screw opponent."
Brian: "Turn three Finkel wasn't enough."

Terry 1-0 Brian.

Game 2

This time Davis had a better start, with Obsessive Search and Crypt Creeper while Tsang was still laying land. While the Canadian played "Draw, drop land, go" Davis played a Predict and Terry decided it was high time to get rid of the Creeper with Flameburst.

Balshan Collaborator
Brain brought a big bruiser in the shape of Balshan Collaborator, followed by Aven Windreader. The best Tsang could do was play out his Bomb Squad along with Aven Flock.

Knowing he was about to be locked out of the skies Brian Davis sent his creatures in for one last swing bringing the Canadian down to nine before dropping Skywing Aven.

The Squad took out Windreader and Sonic Seizure hit Collaborator while Davis sighed. The Canadian was now in full control of the table. He played Stern Judge before getting his Aven CloudchaserSyncopated out of the game.

Repel took the Squad away for a while but Davis couldn't find around the Flock. He played Possessed Aven while the Bomb Squad killed Fledging Imp and Acceptable Losses took out the Aven.

Disgusted the American drew his last card and conceded.

Brian: "I just couldn't draw a way to kill that thing. Came out on turn four in both games."
Terry: "I drew all my good cards."

Final Result: Terry 2-0 Brian.

Pro Tour Nice, Third Booster Draft

Download Arena Decklist

Pro Tour Nice, Third Booster Draft

Download Arena Decklist

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