Round 8 - Christiano Pereira vs. Oscar Carisimo (Nether-Go)

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By Toby Wachter

Game 1

Chrisitano played first, and mulliganed his opening hand. Still, he came out strong with Karplusan Forest and Llanowar Elves. The Elves attacked on the next turn, and a Rishadan Port was played to tap down Oscar's Island on upkeep. A Coastal Tower came into play, revealing Oscar to be Blue/White control. Chrisitano played a Dust Bowl, tapped out, and sacrificed the Bowl to destroy Oscar's Coastal Tower. Chrisitano continued to attack with his Elf, and played a Birds of Paradise as well.

Oscar now drew, and tapped his only two lands to play Millstone. This gave Chrisitano the perfect opportunity to play a spell past countermagic, and he made the best of the situation by summoning a Blastoderm. Meanwhile, Chrisitano's Port continued to go to work, leaving Oscar with only one available mana source. Oscar now had to discard, and pitched a Foil. With Oscar up against the ropes and badly mana screwed, a second Blastoderm joined Chrisitano's side. A second Port added insult to injury, and Oscar had no way to win.

Pereira- 1 Carisimo- 0

Game 2

This time Oscar got to play first, and Chrisitano opened strong again with a first turn Elf. Oscar played a Tsabo's Web on the following turn, and Chrisitano attacked with the Elf, and then summoned Birds of Paradise. Oscar chose to not play a land on turn three. Chrisitano played Hull Breach to destroy the Web, and followed up with a Rishadan Port. However, Oscar had the answer, and destroyed the Port on his upkeep with the help of Teferi's Response, gaining massive card advantage. A Nether Spirit was discarded, and Chrisitano took advantage of Oscar's tapped out state by summoing Shivan Wurm.

Oscar now played Rout, which destroyed the Shivan Wurm, but left him tapped out again. This gave Chrisitano a window of opportunity, and he used it to summon Blastoderm and an Elf. Nether Spirit came back, and Oscar seemed to have the board stabilized. The Spirit blocked Blastoderm on the following attack, while Llanowar Elves came through for a point of damage. Things looked even better for Oscar when he played Story Circle, naming green.

The Blastoderm soon faded away, and Chrisitano was left with the task of fighting through Oscar's stream of counters. This situation was fairly hard to break out of, as Oscar had out Nether Spirit along with Story Circle, which shut down most of Chrisitano's offense. Kavu Chameleon was summoned, and although it could get by Story Circle, it still could be contained thanks to Nether Spirit.

Oscar soon cast Fact or Fiction, which revealed Nether Spirit along with Wrath of God, Tsabo's Web, Fact or Fiction and Story Circle. Chrisitano separated the piles into four and one, leaving the Spirit in a pile all by itself. This forced Oscar to take the pile of one, since taking the four would stop his ability to bring back Nether Spirit. On the following turn he played Mahamoti Djinn, giving him a victory condition. Chrisitano had a tech answer in Reprisal, but Oscar was waiting with a Counterspell. Sitting behind a hand of countermagic and a Story Circle, Oscar seemed to have the game well within his grasp. As the Djinn attacked for the final points of damage, Chrisitano killed it off thanks to an Urza's Rage with kicker.

Chrisitano now untapped, and played a second Urza's Rage on the Nether Spirit, which put it in the graveyard along with the Djinn, ensuring that it never came back. This cleared the way for Kavu Chameleon, which attacked for four points of damage. Oscar realized he had no way to contain the Chameleon, and played Wrath of God to kill it off along with a few mana producing creatures. However, Chrisitano played a second Chameleon. Oscar had a second Wrath. Oscar summoned a victory condition in Mageta the Lion on the following turn, and Chrisitano played Aura Mutation on the Story Circle, which was Absorbed. Chrisitano soon conceded, noticing that there was very little time left on the clock.

Pereira-1 Carisimo-1

Game 3

Chrisitano opened up strong with a first turn Elf for the third time this match. A Port showed up on the following turn, which tapped down Oscar's Coastal Tower. This cleared the way for Blood Oath to resolve on Instants. Oscar's face fell as he turned over a hand containing FIVE instants, taking fifteen damage. Chrisitano attacked with the Elf on the following turn, and Oscar Absorbed a Bird to gain some life. He then played Accumulated Knowledge and hoped to draw an answer, leaving him with only one untapped land, and vulnerable. Chrisitano took advantage by playing another Blood Oath, which ended the game.

Pereira- 1 Carisimo- 2

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