Round 8 Feature Match: Katsuhiro Mori vs. Gerardo Godinez

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Mason Peatross

Katsuhiro Mori is the top ranked player in Asia. Gerardo Godinez is the top ranked Latin American player. Both were invited to the "Magic Invitational," though Mori was unable to attend due to school requirements. Both players are also invited to the Feature Match area of Pro Tour Los Angeles.

During the last season of Rochester drafting at the Pro Tour, a common practice among Asian players, particularly the Japanese, was a "draft the best card available" strategy. It became so common that the phrase "drafting Japanese" meant that you were drafting 4 or 5 colors. Mori didn't draft that way, though. He stuck to a solid set of red and black, while he's splashing blue for some tricks. Gerardo, on the other hand, "drafted Japanese" and his deck sports elements of every color.

Game one began with a Godinez mulligan, and him missing his third turn land drop. Mori wasn't capitalizing though, as he could only lay a pair off Nightscape Apprentices. Mori was also feeling a bit of a mana crunch, as he had no red mana available. He wasn't as bad off as Godinez, though - Gerardo had to discard on two consecutive turns before finally drawing an Island and playing a Shoreline Raider. Mori simply removed the Raider with an Exotic Curse, and then using Cursed Flesh on Godinez's next play of Stormscape Apprentice. Pouncing Kavu came out of Mori's hand to finish the job that the pair of Nightscape Apprentices had started.

Game 1 to Mori.

There weren't any mulligans in game 2, though Gerardo Godinez thought about his hand for a while before keeping. Mori again led with a Nightscape Apprentice before using Addle to take Crosis, the Purger out of Gerardo's hand. Gerardo played a Stormscape Apprentice that met an untimely end due to a Cursed Flesh from Katsuhiro. An Urborg Phantom was Repulsed and then replayed by Mori. It was challenged by a Shoreline Raider from Gerardo, but it was Soul Burned before it could block anything. The Nightscape Apprentice used it's first strike ability to have the Urborg Phantom kill a Tidal Visionary that tried to save Gerardo from some life loss. Skizzik with kicker came to pay Gerardo a visit, and the game was over shortly.

Final Result: Game 2 and match to Mori

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