Posted in Event Coverage on January 25, 2014

By Pip Foweraker

The announcement of these two players' impending battle drew a wave of enthusiastic applause from across the room. Both needed to win both this and the next round to make Day 2, and they settled down to their match surrounded by a crowd of friends and good-natured jeering from onlookers, many of whom were holding mobile phone cameras, 'To catch all the play errors for later', we were assured.

Rosdin blasted out of the gates with a Favored Hoplite and an Ordeal of Nylea, while Peng summoned a Vaporkin. Unable to block the ultra-aggressive 1-drop, the Vaporkin swung back through the air to keep Peng racing. The Ordeal popped early thanks to the Hoplite's heroic ability, letting Rosdin accelerate his land drops at a brutal pace.

Peng studies his options 

He took full advantage of his extra lands by summoning a Centaur Battlemaster, while Peng was forced to make do with a Triton Fortune Hunter. When Rosdin bestowed a Leafcrown Dryad on his Battlemaster, Peng shook his head and reached for his sideboard.

Razif Rosdin 1 - Hsia Lei Peng 0

Rosdin started with a Voyaging Satyr, while Peng had a Vaporkin and a Burnished Hart. Rosdin summoned a second Voyaging Satyr, leaving this coverage guy downcast there weren't any pun-worthy situations on the board. Because double Satyr action is disappointing to have to pass up.

Rosdin: 100% Battlemaster. 0% Satyr pun. 

Rosdin, less devastated by the unpunnability of his board state than some, summoned his imposing Centaur Battlemaster once again. Peng cracked his Hart to fetch out some lands, including a Swamp that had gone unseen in the previous game.

He summoned a Fabled Hero and a Nimbus Naiad to help clog the board a little. Rosdin, undeterred, used a Time To Feed to clear out Peng's Fabled Hero and turn the Battlemaster all kinds of nasty. Rosdin, clearly not one to hold back, rumbled them in to the red zone, and dropped a Feral Invocation on his Battlemaster, pumping it to ludicrous proportions. Peng barely blinked before taking the damage, summoning a Celestial Archon to keep things ticking along on his side of the board.

Rosdin cast an Ordeal of Heliod on his Battlemaster, netting himself 3 +1/+1 counters and 10 life - not a bad effort! - before sending it lumbering in to be chumped by the Nimbus Naiad. Peng had an Aqueous Form on his Vaporkin to help him scry for answers to the behemoth, but was essentially diminished to trying to play a chump blocker for the Battlemaster every turn.

The game took a brief hiatus when Peng unintentionally mis-ordered the resolution of the heroic trigger from a Triton Fortune Hunter and the scry effect from a Battlewise Valor, but the game continued without dire consequences thanks to some player-friendly minutiae in the DCI's Penalty Guidelines. Read the cards, folks!

Despite Peng's best efforts, the Battlemaster proved too much for him. In the end, a Prowler's Helm for Rosdin took the game and the match in a most impressively monstrous style.

Raxif Rosdin 2 - Hsia Lei Peng 0

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