Round 8: Feature Match - Rich Hoaen vs. Noah Long

Posted in Event Coverage on August 20, 2011

By Josh Bennett

"It's a good thing you featured me now, because I'm not winning today."

Such boundless optimism is Rich Hoaen's bread and butter. This round he expected defeat from the man sitting across from him, Noah Long, who Top 8'd last year's Nationals in Montreal.

Game One

Long won the roll and chose to play. His turn-two Merfolk Looter was pressured by Tormented Soul and Runeclaw Bear on the other side of the table. He Looted away Frost Breath and played Griffin Rider. Hoaen hit for three and played Lurking Crocodile, but Long was quick to Unsummon it.

Rich Hoaen

Long untapped and cast Griffin Sentinel, supercharging his Griffin Rider. He attacked for five. Hoaen attacked back and Long refused to put his Griffin in jeopardy. Hoaen re-cast his Crocodile and passed without playing a fourth land. Long sent it home with Æther Adept and hit for six.

Hoaen shrugged and made the same play again. "Frost Breath me?"

Long did a quick count. "Actually..." He turned over Guardian's Pledge. Hoaen packed up his cards.

Long 1 - Hoaen 0

Game Two

Hoaen chose to play and led off with three swamps. Long, meanwhile, powered out Armored Warhorse and Benalish Veteran. Blood Seeker showed up a turn late, and before Hoaen knew it he was down to thirteen.

Noah Long

Long summoned Azure Mage, giving Hoaen a target for his Wring Flesh. Hoaen untapped and attacked, still without any action. Long hit again and summoned Peregrine Griffin. Finally, Hoaen drew a forest, enabling Giant Spider. Unfortunately, it was too late. Frost Breath from Long locked up the game.

Noah Long defeats Rich Hoaen 2-0

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