Round 8 Feature Match: Vasilis Fatouros vs. Stefano Fiore

Posted in Event Coverage on May 29, 2004

By Ruud Warmenhoeven

Both players are with goblins here in the final round of day one. When asked for accomplishments Stefane mentioned his two 2 GP top 8s (Lisbon and Genoa) while Vasilis has only a PTQ win. Not a fair match-up if you look at it that way…

Game 1

Stefano gets to start the game and in the first few turns the players are primarily killing each other's stuff. A flurry of Electrostatic Bolts and a Gempalm Incinerator later Vasilis gets the first creature that will stick around for a while in the form of a Clickslither. Siege Gang Commanders follow on both sides but Stefano is forced to stay on defense due to the potential hugeness of the Clickslither. It enters the Red Zone and when the dust is settled Stefano finds himself on 5. He takes quite some time to figure out his next turn but eventually attacks with all his men, taking out most of his opponent's team, with a little help of another Bolt. This explained why he took so long; he couldn't get his opponent lower than one by throwing some goblins at him. Vasilis has nothing on his turn and when the Italian has another Siege Gang he knows it s card collecting time.

Stefano 1 - Vasilis 0

Game 2

Vasilis keeps a rather slow hand this turn while Stefano gambles on a one lander. He keeps hitting his land drops though and opens with a nice curve of Prospector, Sparksmith and cycled Gempalm Incinerator on Vasilis' first play, a Goblin Sharpshooter. His opponent then turns loose with Clickslither and some removal for Stefano's Sharpshooter. Then he drops his sideboard tech card: Sword of Fire and Ice, which looks very scary for the young Greek man. He now knows he has to win very fast and feeds some fresh Goblin tokens to his Clickslither to put his opponent on 5 again. When the Sworded Goblin comes through again next turn a heated debate ensures about whether Stefano gets to draw a card if the targeted creature is sacrificed. Judges rule that he doesn't but it turns out to be irrelevant as Vasilis has another Siege Gang and can come through for massive damage next turn.

Stefano 1 - Vasilis 1

Game 3

Just like the first two games (and in fact any other goblin mirror) both players are busy the first couple of turns with killing each other's stuff. This all changes on turn five when Stefano gets stuck on four lands and has nothing more than a Goblin Goon, while the Greek side of the board is getting stuffed with guys. Starstorm clears a few away, but an oversized Clickslither gets through for enough damage with a little help of yet another Siege Gang Commander.

Final Result: Vasilis Fatouros beats Stefano Fiore 2-1.

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