Round 8 Feature Match: William "Baby Huey" Jensen vs. Kamiel Cornelissen

Posted in Event Coverage on May 15, 2004

By Aaron Forsythe

William JensenBoth of these accomplished players were in dire straits as Day 2 began in San Diego. Each had only four wins against three losses, and Cornelissen postulated that neither could afford a single loss today if they were to make Top 8. On top of that, both had lost the first round with these specific draft decks (last night), so neither was feeling confident--or particularly awake--as the opening bell sounded this morning.

As Collin Jackson was announcing that the round began, Anton Jonsson tore into the Feature Match area, mere seconds from being late for his neighboring match against Antoine Ruel. It seems that 9 AM is too early for gamers around the globe.

Both players mulliganed to six, and off they were.

Game 1

The first creature played was Jensen's Vulshok Berserker on turn 4--either both decks were really slow or both got slow draws. Kamiel had nothing on his fourth turn, and Jensen turned up the heat on his next turn with… Arcane Spyglass. :/

Jensen gave his Berserker a Leonin Scimitar and attacked with it every turn. Kamiel's deck put up very little resistance--a Pteron Ghost that chumped, a Wizard Replica that was Deconstructed, and a Tel-Jilad Exile that had to chump because Kamiel was at two life and didn't have a second Forest. Jensen was keeping his had full with Arcane Spyglass, and by the time Kamiel got a good creature down--Copperhoof Vorrac--Jensen had a second creature of his own and attacked for the win.

"Exciting game," deadpanned Jensen as he looked my way. "I hope the readers can contain themselves."

Jensen 1 - Cornelissen 0

Game 2

Cornelissen had what should be considered a "blazing fast" start for these decks--Tel-Jilad Chosen, Tel-Jilad Wolf, Creeping Mold Jensen's only Mountain, Copperhoof Vorrac. Jensen's first spell was a turn-5 Ur-Golem's Eye, and Cornelissen ended it on the next turn with Stir the Pride.

Jensen: "Another nail biter."

Jensen 1 - Cornelissen 1

Game 3

Kamiel Cornelissen

The action began in Game 3 with Cornelissen attacking with his Tel-Jilad Wolf into Jensen's Tel-Jilad Exile. Jensen knew Kamiel wasn't bluffing--he had seen plenty of tricks to this point--and had to decide if losing his Troll was worth having Kamiel not be able to play another creature this turn. He decided he rather have access to regeneration later, took the 2, and Kamiel played out Glissa Sunseeker--bad news for Jensen's Leonin Scimitar.

Cornelissen sent his two creatures into Jensen's Troll and Fangren Hunter, and Jensen had no blocks. An unentwined Stir the Pride upped the damage to 9. Jensen had nothing, and when Cornelissen's next attack included two Predator's Strikes on Glissa, the game and match were over just like that. Jensen's deck had no Myr, which made it a step too slow.

Jensen 1 - Cornelissen 2

William Jensen

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Kamiel Cornelissen

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