Round 8: Feature Match - Wu Yue (Black-Green) vs. Wei Ligong (White-Green)

Posted in Event Coverage on December 4, 2014

Game 1

Wu Yue didn't start off too well and had to mulligan, while his opponent built up his mana with Horizon Spellbomb, Leaden Myr, Pristine Talisman and Viridian Emissary on his first four turns. Wu was only able to muster Blind Zealot and Blightwidow, applying somewhat half-hearted pressure. Wei used the breathing space to crack Horizon Spellbomb for a Plains and then summoned Tangle Mantis and Viridian Claw, threatening to attack past Blightwidow next turn.

Wei Ligong

Wu wasn't about to let that happen and promptly made to decision to trade his Blind Zealot for the [autocard]Tangle Mantis[/autocard] but Wei replaced it with a bigger and better Alpha Tyrannax (equipping Viridian Claw). One hit brought Wu down to 13, another swing reduced him to just 6.

Attaching Piston Sledge to Blightwidow, Wu tried to race his opponent but that plan was short-lived as the equipment's Existence was Revoked the next turn. Clearly out of options, he was forced to drop Phyrexian Juggernaut and run blindly into his opponent's first striking dinosaur.

Things were about to change though. When Wei's team attacked, it forced Wu to chump block the Alpha Tyrannax and push Blightwidow in the way of the Strandcrawler Germ. Spread the Sickness (on Alpha Tyrannax) and Grim Affliction (on Leaden Myr), swept Wei's board clear in one fell swoop and he did seem visibly shocked to lose his board in a single turn. But no matter! Freshly drawn trampling beasts (Molder Beast and Thundering Tanadon) swiftly overran Wu.

Wei Ligong wins Game One.

We Lingong 1 - Wu Yue 0

Game 2

Wei opened with Sphere of the Suns and Thundering Tanadon but Wu dealt with the monster with Geth's Verdict and recruited his own Ichorclaw Myr. Wei was quick to summon Pith Driller to get rid of it.

Wu Yue

Casting his second Thundering Tanadon next turn, he attacked with Pith Driller and Wu chose to block with [autocard]Tangle Angler[/autocard] but it fell to Mirran Mettle (Metalcraft mode). A combination of Fume Spitter, Grim [autocard]Affliction[/autocard] and Virulent Wound wiped out almost Wu's entire board, leaving a 4/3 Thundering Tanadon and a virtually dead 0/2 Pith Driller. Blightwidow connected twice more, putting Wu at 8 poison counters and he had to finally leave Thundering Tanadon back to block, but Spread the Sickness ensured that the scenario would not happen.

Wu Yue wins Game Two.

We Lingong 1 - Wu Yue 1

Game 3

With only ten minutes on the clock, Wei asked the table judge if they were allowed to discuss the outcome of the match should the time go to round. The judge only gently smiled and advised them against it.

With that, Wei started off with non-creatures for his first few turns (Viridian Claw and Pristine Talisman) before casting Molder Beast on turn four. Stuck on four Swamps, Wu could only sit behind his Leaden Myr, Fume Spitter and Cathedral Membrane. He equipped the Lifestaff to the 0/ 3 Wall and pushed it in front of the 6 / 3 first striking Molder Beast, regaining some life lost to trampling damage.

Wei replaced it with a duo of Thundering Tanadons on consecutive turns and seemed like he was in firm control of the board. Wu was not without a plan though. He fanned through his hand of Grim [autocard]Affliction[/autocard], Instill Infection and Spread the Sickness and used the latter to deal with one of the Dinosaurs, then a combination of the first two along with Fume Spitter to deal with the other.

All this time, Dross Ripper was chipping away at Wei's life total and the audience gasped in awe as Wu revealed Phyrexian Obliterator from his hand. Time was called but Wu was able to win by his next turn.

Wu Yue wins Game Three to take the match, going 6-2!

We Lingong 1 - Wu Yue 2

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