Round 8: JC Experience vs. Burning Houses

Posted in Event Coverage on June 7, 2003

By Mark Wraith

Named after famed English player Jonny Chapman, the JC experience are truly an international affair – Sam Gomersall, of England, John Larkin or Ireland, and Germany's Patrick Mello. Burning houses are an all polish affair featuring Radoslaw Gromko, Mariusz Gorniak, and Mateusz Dabkowski.

Patrick Mello vs. Mariusz Gorniak

Patrick went first and led with the typical third turn play of Morph. Mariusz made an Invoker, and Mello followed up with a Snarling Undorak. The Pole had plenty of removal – a Solar Blast for the Undorak and a Shock for a Morphed Vigilante, but Patrick kept them coming as he unmorphed Venomspout Brackus. Mariusz was making some nice card advantage from a Wirewood Savage.

Patrick got it all back and then some as he cast Infest, killing his own Death's Head Buzzard and Gorniak's Wirewood Elf, Wirewood Savage, Battering Craghorn, and Snarling Undorak. This left the Brackus as the sole creature in play. Mariusz couldn't even make chump blockers as Mello dropped Death Match allowing him to kill them each turn.

Patrick Mello 1 – Mariusz Gorniak 0

Patrick had to mulligan, but he got his card advantage right back again when he used Bane of the Living to kill a Wirewood Savage and a Wirewood Elf. Mariusz used Pinpoint Avalanche on the Bane of the Living, and Shock on a Wirewood Savage. This left the board completely clear – an ideal time then for the Pole to play a Rorix Bladewing.

"I have to pay a high price for this Rorix" – Mello killed it with Lingering Death. This left him on only five life, but Mariusz was unable to take advantage. He only had lands in his hand, and the game turned around completely as Patrick played Glowering Rogon and Titanic Bulvox. This was far too much for Mariusz to fight against with his Mountains and Forests.

Patrick Mello 2 – Mariusz Gorniak 0

Sam Gomersall vs. Mateusz Dabkowski

Sam was playing white-blue vs. his opponent's mono-black, a bad matchup for the white-blue deck typically. The first game was definitely no exception, as Sam got into a reasonable board position, and it appeared that Mateusz was making some questionable blocks. The reason for this was soon made apparent as Dabkowski cast Decree of Pain wiping out Sam's entire team. The five cards drawn proved far too much for Gomersall to handle, and he was soon forced to scoop.

Mateusz Dabkowski 1 – Sam Gomersall 0

This game was rather anticlimactic. Sam drew only Islands and had six white cards in hand. Mateusz didn't let the game drag on for long – Vengeful Dead, Noxious Ghoul, Undead Gladiator and Vile Deacon ended it quite rapidly.

Mateusz Dabkowski 2 – Sam Gomersall 0

John Larkin vs. Radoslaw Gromko

John Larkin had an amazing match up with his red-black deck up against Radoslaw's blue-white affair. The first game went to plan as John made a Sparksmith and gunned down all of his opponent's creatures. It was fairly irrelevant what cards he actually used to win the game, as Gromko had no answer to the Smith. John was attacking with a Battering Craghorn, and the Pole wisely decided to concede when John played a Sharpshooter to go with his Smith.

John Larkin 1 – Radoslaw Gromko 0

John once again managed a fairly special start – turn two Smith, and turn three Sharpshooter. On Magic online, this is usually the point where your opponent disconnects and leaves you waiting for ten minutes until he is timed out. Bravely, Radoslaw didn't get up and walk off to the snack bar, choosing to fight it out instead. Larkin had to use a Cruel Revival on a Daunting Defender, but apart from that his victory was fairly painless as the Goblins ruled the board.

John Larkin 2 – Radoslaw Gromko 0

Final Result: JC Experience 2 – Burning Houses 1

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