Round 8: John Ormerod vs. Ben Ronaldson

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By Toby Wachter

John Ormerod vs. Ben Ronaldson

Ormerod and Ronaldson are teammates and friends from England. Ronaldson practically gave up on his draft at points, passing goodies to Ormerod, who was on his right. The most notable example of this was Ronaldson taking Allied Strategies, and passing Ormerod Flametongue Kavu.
The only problem to this teamwork plan was that, well . . . Ronaldson actually won. There was some speculation in the media room that he might concede to Ormerod, since he had already "conceded the draft" to him.

Game 1

John Ormerod Ormerod played a second turn Dream Thrush, and once it became active, there was a question of whether to attack or change one of Ronaldson's lands. Ormerod decided to attack, and summoned Obsidian Acolyte. Meanwhile, Ronaldson simply played Lay of the Land to get an island. Ormerod attacked for two damage, and added to his army with an Aurora Griffin. Consume Strength was used to kill off the Griffin, and Ronaldson turned to me and said "That doesn't seem too good . . . John teaches me to play Limited, you see."

Faerie Squadron joined Ormerod's side, while Ronaldson played Kavu Climber. Dega Disciple was summoned by Ormerod, who attacked through the air for five damage. Kavu Mauler joined Ronaldson's side, but the clock in the air was very hard to outrace. Coastal Drake didn't help make Ronaldson's side look any better, and the game soon ended.

Ormerod- 1 Ronaldson- 0

During sideboarding, Ronaldson showed me Savage Offensive, Tundra Kavu, Kavu Recluse and Rogue Kavu, and told me he "seriously considered siding these in."

Game 2

Ben RonaldsonOrmerod played a first turn Tidal Visionary, while Ronaldson summoned Thornscape Familiar. Ormerod continued his curve with Dream Thrush. Disciple of Kangee showed up on Ronaldson's side, while Ormerod played Slingshot Goblin. He had out two plains and an island, but pointed to his three creatures and declared "This is a three card combo!" The Disciple and Familiar attacked for four, and once Ormerod's Goblin became active, it got to go to work. Tidal Visionary made the Disciple blue, Dream Thrush made a mountain, and Slingshot Goblin shot the Disciple for two. In response, Consume Strength kept the Disciple alive, and killed off the Goblin. Ormerod then summoned Coastal Drake, and ended his turn.

This gave Ronaldson another attack step, as he dealt four damage with his creatures. Ormerod attacked through the air with Coastal Drake and played Voice of All, naming protection from blue. He also cast Ceta Disciple, leaving him with one card in hand. Ronaldson played Sparkcaster, which gated itself. Because Ronaldson had an active Disciple and could block fliers with Thornscape Familiar, Ormerod attacked with only Dream Thrush, which dealt three damage with the help of Ceta Disciple. Ronaldson played Kavu Climber, which was bounced on end step by Ormerod, who joked, "Whispers, buyback?"

Coalition Honor Guard came out on Ormerod's turn, and things started to look even worse for Ronaldson. Ormerod's aerial army eventually got the job done, giving him the match. Ronaldson told him it was fine, since Ormerod would probably win the next match, while he doubted his chances of going 3-0.

Final Result: Ormerod- 2 Ronaldson- 0

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