Round 8: Kai Budde vs. Øyvind Ødegaard

Posted in Event Coverage on August 14, 2002

By Josh Bennett

The unfortunate truth is that every round, someone has to play Kai Budde. This round that someone was Øyvind Ødegaard of Norway, who last year helped his National Team to the finals, where they were defeated by the United States. This year he's on a tear to repeat that performance, alongside teammates Bjorn Jocumsen and Thomas Johansen. German National Champion Budde said that he expects to run into Ødegaard during the Team Rochester portion of the event.

Budde won the die roll and chose to draw. His flaky three-color manabase demanded it. Ødegaard got on the board quickly with Trained Pronghord (earning a raised eyebrow from Budde) and Treacherous Werewolf. Budde dropped his third land.

"I'm definitely going to cast Last Rites, and I'm definitely going to pitch my Wonder..." - Kai Budde

He ended up throwing in a Psionic Gift he couldn't cast, seeing Churning Eddy, another Werewolf and Teroh's Faithful, as well as a plains. Ødegaard got to keep the Faithful. Budde ate three more damage and Ødegaard got his Faithful on.

Budde was still short an island, but Mystic Zealot cut off Ødegaard's offence. Treacherous Vampire got ready to serve in the air. Ødegaard had no play. Budde spilled his hand of Vigilant Sentry and Militant Monk. Both players waited.

"Come on, Island." - Kai Budde

And really, no one turns down Kai Budde, not even inanimate stacks of cards. He turned over island and smashed in for ten. Angelic Wall prevented any counterattack nonsense.

Ødegaard tried to stem the tide, using and re-using Crippling Fatigue to put Budde back to just Vampire and Zealot, but things were looking grim. Budde's next attack brought him to five. Pulsemage Advocate gave Budde an additional power worth of attacker. Ødegaard found Aven Flock with enough mana left over to save it from the Vampire, but he was still at two. Next turn he scooped.

Budde 1 - Ødegaard 0

Ødegaard was happy to get to draw in Game 2, with his manabase even worse than Budde's. Both managed to have three colors of mana on turn three. This time Ødegaard opened with Benevolent Bodyguard.

Budde had Last Rites again, trading in his uncastables for Coercions. He stole Aven Fisher and Battlewise Aven, leaving Organ Grinder and Mirror Wall. Ødegaard got them out and started hitting.

Posessed Nomad was no trouble at all, thanks to the Bodyguard. Scalpelexis threatened to start eating Ødegaard's library. Budde drew up Angelic wall and got in with Scalpelexis. Ødegaard's three-color special kept it from recursing.

The Budde played Guided Strike after combat.

"I'm paying too much attention to the other match. Playing it before damage would probably have been better." - Kai Budde

Indeed, next door Antoine Ruel was committing the first-degree murder of Gary Wise, with twin Phantom Centaurs versus Wise's board of Ghostly Wings'd Aven Smokeweaver.

Trained Pronghorn showed up for Ødegaard, whose beats had Budde at ten. Militant Monk made things look a little better. The following turn, Slithery Stalker forced the Bodyguard to protect the Pronghorn, stealing away Budde's own Monk. It chumped, and the Monk was free. Crippling Fatigued Finished off the Nomad, who had blocked the Pronghorn. Neither player had a card in hand.

"Oh, now that's not fair." - Kai Budde

Empty-handed, Budde had plucked Psionic Gift. He put it on his Scalpelexis and offed the Organ Grinder that was threatening to kill him in three turns. The Fatigue took care of the Monk, and an attack left Budde at four.

Budde continued to rip, this time a second Monk. Ødegaard had Ray of Distortion to stop the Gift, but it didn't seem like enough. His best cards were being stolen by the Scalpelexis.

Ødegaard got Treacherous Werewolf to up the beats, but Budde just answered with Angelic Wall. Scalpelexis struck again. Ødegaard busted through, trading his Werewolf for the Monk. There was nothing to be done, even without retriggering, the Scalpelexis had left him to five cards in library. Hallowed Healer was just too late. Shortly, with an empty library, he expired.

Final Result: Kai Budde 2 - Øyvind Ødegaard 0

2002 Worlds (Booster Draft): Blue/White/Black

Download Arena Decklist

2002 Worlds (Booster Draft): Blue/White/Black

Download Arena Decklist

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