Round 8: Schietkoe vs.

Posted in Event Coverage on April 17, 2004

By Craig Jones

Last year Grand Prix Amsterdam was a bit of a disappointment for the Dutch as they managed to put only one player, Kamiel Cornelissen as part of a predominantly US team, into the top 4. This year the rosters have changed and the Dutch teams have really stormed the tournament. In the last round the Schietkoe team of former World Champion Tom van de Logt and the lesser known Cornelissens are taking on the team of experienced Dutch player Bram Snepvangers, Ruud Warmenhoeven and Didier Deurloo for the honour of going into the draft day tomorrow with an 8-0 record.

I followed the seat B clash of Tom van de Logt vs Bram Snepvangers.

Both players nipped out early with Gold Myrs. Snepvangers ramped up to a Nim Replica, also casting Thoughtcast in the same turn with the help of two artefact lands.

Van de Logt missed a land drop and could only equip his Myr with a Leonin Scimitar. He found it a turn later and dropped a Leonin Abunas.

"Unfair," Snepvangers remarked.

He followed up his Cobalt Golem with a Vedalkan Engineer and Spire Golem, looking to take to the skies. An Ur-Golem Eye didn't seem necessary as Snepvangers could produce abundant mana.

Van de Logt hit back on the ground with a Razor Golem, equipping it with a Viridian Longbow to shoot a Replica out of the way before blockers.

Snepvangers found an Irradiate to finally get rid of the annoying Abunas.

Myr Incubator

Van de Logt added a Krark-Clan Grunt and tried to race Snepvanger's fliers. A Blinding Beam bought him a turn and looked to give him an edge. With the fliers and a Scavenger tapped Snepvangers needed blockers. He had the Replica the Scavenger had brought back but more importantly he had a Pyschic Overload to tie down van de Logt's Razor Golem. A Quicksilver Behemoth brought some extra security.

It wasn't enough. Van de Logt had the two artefacts in hand he needed to untap the Razor Golem. Also he had an Arrest for the Behemoth. The Golem, Myr and Grunt charged in, the Golem shot the Replica before blockers and suddenly Snepvangers had no blockers to prevent lethal damage coming his way.

Van de Logt 1-0 Snepvangers

Second game and Snepvangers powered out a third turn Myr Enforcer with the help of a Vedalkan Engineer.

News came across that Jesse Cornelissen had already won his match 2-0 through the help of Myr Incubator.

Van der Logt picked off the Engineer with a Longbow equipped Krark-Clan Grunt but had a far more pressing problem as Snepvangers had given the Enforcer a Vulshok Morningstar and was currently beating him round the head for 6 a turn. A Hoverguard came out to heighten the former World champ's problems.

Van de Logt summoned a Loxodon Mystic to try and claw his way back after Snepvanger's blistering start.

With only three land and knowing his Gold Myr was on the way out after van de Logt was forced to chump the Enforcer, Snepvangers cast a Cobalt Golem before combat and swung in. Sure enough the Grunt blocked the Enforcer and took out the Myr as a passing shot.

An Arrest finally dealt with the Enforcer as the Mystic picked up the Morningstar. He could only tie up one flier and Snepvangers was making more: an Arcbound Stinger. Van de Logt made a Myr and gave it a Bonsesplitter. It didn't fly though and it was the flying creatures that set up the match for a decider.

Van de Logt 1-1 Snepvangers

In the other match Warmenhoeven was 1-0 up leaving the whole match nicely poised.

Van de Logt struck first blood in the decider with a pesky Auriok Transfixer as Snepvangers failed to get the lighting fast affinity starts he'd managed in the previous games.

Van de Logt looked to punish the slow start, he summoned a Krark-Clan Grunt and when Snepvangers looked to trade with a Nim Replica he had a Test of Faith to both kill the Replica and turn the Goblin into a real monster.

Snepvangers fetched it back with a Moriok Scavenger and had a Rustspore Ram to break up a potentially deadly Spikeshot Goblin - Vulshok Gauntlet combo on the other side of the table.

An attack with the 5/5 Grunt knocked Snepvangers back on the ropes with a meagre 8 life. The presence of Spikey meant he had to stop the bleeding quickly before the Goblin whittled the remainder of his life away.

In the other match Ruud Warmenhoeven was victorious against Stijn Cornelissen. With the team scores tied at 1 apiece this would now be the decisive game.

A Blinding Beam from van de Logt tapped down all of Snepvangers blockers and left him in desperate straits. The attack took 7 more life points off Snepvangers and left him with a precarious one point of life. Now, with both his creatures not untapping, Snepvangers needed to both find two blockers and a means to kill the Spikeshot Goblin off the top of his library. Unsurprisingly it was not there and van de Logt shot him with the Spikeshot Goblin to take the match for his team and send them into day two as the top ranked team.

Tom van der Logt beats Bram Snepvangers 2-1

Schietkoe beat 2-1

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