Round 8: Steven O'Mahoney-Schwartz vs. Zvi Mowshowitz

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By Sean McKeown

Steven O'Mahoney-Schwartz

There's nothing quite like a pair of New Yorkers coming all the way to Toronto for the World Championships, only to play each other in a Feature Match when they're down on their luck for the day. Both Zvi and Steve were playing with a 3-4 record, but their names got them the Feature Match nonetheless. Zvi won Pro Tour-Tokyo this season, while Steven won Pro Tour-Los Angeles in 1999. Steve won the die roll and elected to draw first, and Zvi was forced to mulligan to six. Steve likewise mulliganed a one-land hand, and Zvi opened the game with a forest. Steve played a plains, and Zvi dropped a mountain and Thornscape Familiar. Steve played an island and passed the turn, while Zvi attacked and played another forest. Steve played another plains and cast nothing, while Steve missed his next land drop and was again attacked. Zvi played Serpentine Kavu, while Steve discarded a Darigaaz's Charm, a black-red-green spell to go with his blue and white lands. Zvi played Rith's Grove and elected not to add any creatures to the fray, while again Steve discarded, losing Penumbra Bobcat. Zvi attacked, and there was no luck for Steve off the top of the deck.

Zvi Mowshowitz 1 - Steven O'Mahoney-Schwartz 0

Steven O'Mahoney-Schwartz vs. Zvi Mowshowitz Steve made Zvi play first, and this time both players kept their hands. Zvi opened with two forests and a mountain, while Steve opened with two plains, a forest, and Penumbra Bobcat. Zvi played a swamp and was done, while Steve played a third plains, attacked with the Cat, and kicked up an Ardent Soldier. Zvi got a second mountain and cast his first spell of the game, Stone Kavu. Steve untapped and drew for the turn, then considered his options. Steve then played an Urborg Elf and Standard Bearer, getting some more colors of mana and also protecting his creatures in play. Zvi played another forest and finished his turn, and Steve used the Elf to play Stormscape Apprentice. Zvi had yet another forest to play, and cast Ana Disciple. Steve used his tapper on the Stone Kavu and attacked with his Bobcat and Ardent Soldier, dropping Zvi to 14. Zvi then played another mountain and cast Verdeloth the Ancient, with a kicker of two free Saproling tokens. Steve played a forest and ended his turn, then Zvi drew and cast Dead Ringers, targeting the Ardent Solider and Standard Bearer. Steve used Fleetfoot Panther to save the Bearer, but the Ardent Soldier was dead. Zvi then played a one-point Illuminate to kill the Stormscape Apprentice, then followed it up by casting Keldon Mantle on Verdeloth, tapped though he was because of the Apprentice's last wishes.

Steve played Sunscape Battlemage with the blue kicker, drawing two cards while Zvi was tapped out. Zvi attacked with Verdeloth and Stone Kavu, and Steve blocked the Ancient with his Mage and the Kavu with his Fleetfoot Panther. Zvi gave Verdeloth significant power plus trample, but Steve attacked with his Bobcat then played Rout, decimating Zvi's team. Zvi recovered with Horned Kavu and Thornscape Familiar, but Steve then played Charging Troll and Standard Bearer, plus still having his black Cat token in play. Zvi drew and played Pouncing Kavu, and Steve played Quirion Dryad followed by Sunscape Familiar, and also played the deck-thinning Terminal Moraine. Zvi had no play on his next turn, so Steve activated the Moraine, then cast Razorfin Hunter, using the extra green mana from the Fertile Ground he had to use to regenerate the Troll. Zvi again had no play, while Steve merely untapped. Zvi played a kicked Kavu Aggressor, then his Familiar died to the Hunter. Steve attacked with the Troll and Dryad, and Zvi double-blocked the Dryad; Steve's casting Gerrard's Command to make the Dryad a 7/7 forced Zvi's concession.

Zvi Mowshowitz 1 - Steven O'Mahoney-Schwartz 1

Zvi Mowshowitz Zvi decided to draw first for this game, getting to be a little bit freer with the mulligans, and also getting the advantage of the extra card. Both players keep, and Steve plays a plains. Zvi played a forest, and Steve an island and Sunscape Familiar. Zvi played a mountain and was done. Steve played another plains and was done, then Zvi played another mountain and a Kavu Aggressor. Steve played Sunscape Battlemage without kicker and used it to block the Aggressor when Zvi attacked, and Zvi played Slimy Kavu. Steve still hasn't played any more of his spells, locked out of his other colors with blue and white mana, the same as the first game. Zvi played a Stone Kavu, and when both attacked the Familiar blocked the Slimy Kavu, so Zvi played Slingshot Goblin after pumping his Kavu to apply four points to Steve's head. To continue with a theme, Steve played Sunscape Familiar, and Zvi used Dead Ringers to clear them out of the way and attack for seven points. Steve drew and cast Manacles of Decay, so Zvi attacked for four points, dropping Steve to five life, then played Rith's Grove and Glade Gnarr. Steve once again fails to draw another land, and his hand of Planar Despair and Rout are not good enough to stop Zvi's subpar creatures in play from demolishing him. Afterwards Zvi revealed some better creatures in hand to recover from Rout with, and apologized like a gentleman for winning the match because Steve played two games without a forest.

Final Result: Zvi Mowshowitz 2 - Steven O'Mahoney-Schwartz 1

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