Round 8: Supernova vs. Prodigy

Posted in Event Coverage on May 31, 2003

By Aaron Forsythe

If you pay attention to Magic, you'll know the members of Supernova. Mike Hron, Matt Severa, and Bob Allbright are part of the bustling Madison, Wisconsin scene, and—to no one's surprise—all three were seen playing the casual 5-color format at various times during the day.

Their opponents are three fellows you probably don't know. James Duguid, Charles Gindy, and Manny Orellana are from Florida and decided to come up and play in this event on a lark. Although not truly amateurs thanks to Gindy's three PT points, this team will quickly admit to not having played much on this level. That hasn't stopped them this weekend; after making the Top 4 in last night's trial, Prodigy has rattled off seven straight wins today.

Now these two teams face off for the right to be the only 8-0 going in to Sunday.

Gindy and Severa both came out smoking; Gindy's aggressive blue-white deck was spitting out tons of Soldiers, and Severa's green black deck has lots of small creatures as well. Gindy's first strikers and ample combat trick cards help him keep up the tempo and creature advantage, and Severa was taking the beats until he got a Venomspout Brackus into play.

Orellana, meanwhile, ran into a bad matchup. His Goblin Brigand was forced to run headlong into Hron's Silver Knight, and the rest of Hron's creatures were built for winning fights against black-red decks like Orellana's.

Across the table, Duguid was trying to sandbag it with his red-green deck so that he could wreck Allbright with Slice and Dice. His plan worked. Allbright attacked Duguid down to 11 and then played the last two creatures in his hand. Duguid knocked on his deck, drew land #6, and played the nasty red Wrath. Allbright realized he should have seen it coming. Duguid followed that with a doubly amplified Glowering Rogon and a slew of other Beasts and was up a game.

In the middle, Gindy was perplexed by Severa's now two Venomspout Brackuses, but Severa's low life total was keeping him on the defensive. Eventually Gindy played the devastating "combo" of Dragon Scales and Jareth, Leonine Titan, and the non-tapping pro-color Lion brought it home.

Hron salvaged one win for Supernova in the opening salvo, and it was on two Game 2 up and down the table.

Orellana put a damper on his own tempo by morphing and sacrificing his Haunted Cadaver on turn four. Hron ditched a land and two spells, but kept a lot of inexpensive business. Death's-Head Buzzard took out Orellana's Ridgetop Raptor and Pacifism dealt with Grinning Demon beautifully. Hron played out a Nantuko Husk and an Aven Liberator and Orellana had no answers.

The first match went to Supernova, but both of Hron's teammates were down a game.

"I won," he said, leaning over.
"Trying to raise their confidence, get them to play smarter?" Orellana kidded.

Down near seat C, the crowd erupted when Allbright flipped a 7-mana Slipstream Eel when resolving Erratic Explosion against Duguid's potentially game-ending Silklash Spider. Allbright's fliers were free to wreak havoc from then on, and a Lavamancer's Skilled Wizard kept Duguid backpedaling. The Floridian tried to mount a comeback using Ambush Commander, but when Allbright used his Willbender to redirect the +3/+3 ability to his own Mistform Seaswift, the game was over.

In the middle seat, Severa and Gindy were in a dead race of green monsters vs. blue fliers. Choking Tethers swung the race decisively in the favor of team Prodigy, and the match score was even at 1.

Duguid had the decisive upper hand as attention moved back to the C-match. His Wirewood Elves help accelerate out a Charging Slateback and a Ravenous Baloth, the latter which made any idea of racing absurd from Allbright's point of view.

The match played out from there with Allbright offering up token resistance, and Duguid's beastly armada running him down.

Final Result: Prodigy advances to Sunday as the only 8-0 team.

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