Round 8: Tomi Walamies vs. Kamiel Cornelissen

Posted in Event Coverage on June 29, 2002

By Rui Oliveira

At the end of the last round yesterday Walamies expressed his concern about how his deck would fare today. Apparently team Punisher has something at least slightly new to try out so we decided to take a look. Just like yesterday, Tomi wanted to send greetings to someone. This time, to his mother.

Cornelissen is the man who stormed into the Pro Tour with some great finishes. He is as widely known for his good results as he is for his pace. They don't call him the Glacier for nothing.

Game 1

Meddling Mage
Kamiel started things the wrong way: double mulligan. He wasn't too happy about his third hand but he kept it. On turn two Walamies dropped Meddling Mage and guessing from the one Swamp across the table named Nightscape Familiar.

Pikula kept visiting the red zone with his huge smile while they played "Draw-Go" until Walamies played Deep Analysis and Kamiel had the opening for a main phase Fact or Fiction.

Pile one: Psychatog and two lands.
Pile two: Deep Analysis and one land.

He took the Atog. On the next turn Walamies flashbacked his Analysis looking for an answer for the incoming monster. He found it in the shape of a second Mage. The screams of "No Familiar!" were now joined by "No Atog!" as the Invitational card ruled the table.

But Kamiel wasn't out of the game yet. Ghastly Demise unlocked the table for Psychatog and the grinning heartbreaker came into play. The Finnish was forced to sit back as the game settled down to Kamiel's rhythm.

Walamies played Fact or Fiction getting the following piles:

Pile one: Deep Analysis and Counterspell.
Pile two: Flametongue Kavu, Mountain (the only visible way to cast the Kavu so far) and Cephalid Coliseum.

He took the bigger one and Iced the Atog. In response Kamiel played Fact or Fiction.

Pile one: Familiar and two lands.
Pile two: Recoil and Counterspell.

Kamiel took the second pile. He was now down to two untapped lands so Tomi played Goblin Trenches and stopped the counter. Things were looking grim for Cornelissen who now needed to resolve Recoil, or Upheaval, to escape Trenches.

The Finnish tapped out to get tokens to block Psychatog and Kamiel took the opening to Recoil the Trenches. Walamies agonized over the discard, saving he had a tough choice, and eventually tossed Trenches (he had another in hand). In came a second Psychatog.

Tomi: "How many cards? Six? I think I'm going to do something."

He tried to Repulse both Psychatogs but Kamiel countered the second bounce spell. This paved the way for the return of Goblin Trenches, with Kamiel only shrugging in response to the spell.

At the end of turn the Dutch Recoiled the problem enchantment away once again (this time sending Flametongue Kavu to the graveyard). Since Tomi hadn't tried to stop it Kamiel risked a kicked Probe. Walamies answered with Fact or Fiction.

Pile one: Flametongue Kavu, Fact or Fiction, and land.
Pile two: Counterspell and Fire/Ice.

He took the big pile and discarded Flametongue Kavu and Coastal Tower after Kamiel threw away Force Spike and a land. In came the second Psychatog followed by the second return of the Goblin Trenches.

The Dutch was working hard to clean away Walamies' hand but his second kicked Probe got Memory Lapsed. Since he would have to wait a turn to try again he went for the third Psychatog.

Tomi: "I'll take that down."

And he had the Counterspell to do it. The Trenches started pumping out tokens and Kamiel felt it was about time he went for Upheaval before things got out of hand. Walamies allowed it to resolve and they played "scoop the cards".

With the game going all the way back to the start. At two mana Walamies tapped an Island and Kamiel played Nightscape Familiar. This gave Pikula the chance to sneak in and start those "No Psychatog!" chants once again.

A second Familiar came in, and a much cheaper Fact or Fiction gave Kamiel the following piles.

Pile one: Fact or Fiction and Deep Analysis
Pile two: Recoil and two lands.

He needed to get that Mage out of the table so he played the price to get the Recoil. Yet on the following turn he had a Repulse for it. His Familiars attacked Psychatog came back but Walamies had already taken the opportunity to play Trenches.

Again Meddling Mage came into play, locking out further Psychatogs but the one already on the table was busy eating up chump-blocking Goblins. Kamiel looked for furthr fuel with Fact or Fiction.

Pile one: Counterspell and three lands.
Pile two: Ghastly Demise.

The Demise killed Pikula clearing the way for another two Psychatogs. No matter how many Goblins poured out of the Trenches things were getting very ugly for Tomi Walamies. Facing three Psychatogs and with time running out he conceded.

Kamiel 1-0 Tomi

Sideboarding action:
Tomi Walamies:
In : Two Gainsay, two Deep Analysis, two Lightning Angel and one Cephalid Coliseum
Out: Four Flametongue Kavu, one Fire/Ice, one Repulse and one Goblin Trenches
Kamiel Cornelissen:
In : Two Gainsay, two Engineered Plagues, one Alter Reality and one Ghastly Demise.
Out : Two Circular Logics, one Force Spike, one Probe, one Recoil and one Upheaval.

Game 2

Walamies used a secod turn Fire/Ice but still missed his third land drop. Kamiel tried Familiar had had Force Spike to stop the Counterspell. The Finnish missed another land drop but before discarding got into a counter war.

Kamiel tried a Fact or Fiction, Walamies had Gainsay but his mana problems made Force Spike good enough to stop it.

Pile one: Fact or Fiction and land.
Pile two: Recoil and two lands.

Fact or Fiction
He took the second pile and went for another Fact or Fiction on the following turn.

Pile one: Plague and Deep Analysis.
Pile two: Upheaval and two lands.

He took Upheaval.

Finally Walamies found his third land but Cornelissen looked in full control of the game. He tried to stop Psychatog but Kamiel had counter backup ready for it. A few turns later Kamiel had the Force Spike for the desperate Repulse as the Psychatog reached critical mass.

Tomi's mana problems were too much for him to overcome on the final game.

Final Result: Kamiel 2-0 Tomi

Kamiel Cornelissen, the Netherlands

Download Arena Decklist

Tomi Walamies, Finland

Download Arena Decklist
Creature (8)
4 Flametongue Kavu 4 Meddling Mage
Sorcery (2)
2 Deep Analysis
Enchantment (3)
3 Goblin Trenches
Other (4)
4 Fire/Ice
60 Cards

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