Round 8 White Results

Posted in Event Coverage on October 23, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

TablePlayerResult Opponent
1Plouffe, Jeremi Boudri [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Davis, Todd R [CAN]
2Burnett, Kai [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Boggemes, Kyle M [CAN]
3Egolf, Marlon J [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Henning, Nick W [CAN]
4Sacher, Aj [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Jacobson, Josh [CAN]
5Cox, Patrick B [USA]Won 2-0vs.Lundquist, Benjamin R [CAN]
6Fujii, Daisuke [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Jiang, Jay [USA]
7Stark, Ben S [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Dettelis, Philip [CAN]
8Jiwani, Hussein [USA]Won 2-0vs.Ochoa, David A [CAN]
9Adams, Ken G [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Jordan, Dan [CAN]
10Doshi, Vishu P [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Samms, Phil [CAN]
11Flores, Edgar [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Shuai, Jack [CAN]
12Chau 8019562822, Jason [USA]Won 2-0vs.Woodley, Ian R [USA]
13Senneway, Bill [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Nassif, Gabriel [CAN]
14Havlovic, Bob [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Moir, Ben [USA]
15Viola, Joe F [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Lai, Jason [USA]
16Sussino, Tim [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Lebedowicz, Osyp I [CAN]
17Oh, Matthew [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Feigerle, Dustin M [CAN]
18Ragsdale, Adam [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Kong, Vincent J [USA]
19Leister, Nicole [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Kardis, Andrew P [CAN]
20Berg, Tim M [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Utter-leyton, Josh W [CAN]
21Traikov, Erik K [USA]Won 2-0vs.Sawler, Daniel L [CAN]
22Lo, Eugene [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Vergel, Vincent Paul R [USA]
23Teitel, Trevor [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Mccaslin, Aaron B [CAN]
24Davis, Jim I [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Switzer, Paul D [CAN]
25Brierley, Mike J [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Bishop, Stephen T [CAN]
26Foley, Mike B [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Siu, Brian [CAN]
27Bennett, Michael A [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Doolittle, Lawrence J [CAN]
28Gauthier, Martin-eric [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Ferneyhough, Michael F [CAN]
29Leung, Koby [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Flinn, Bradley E [CAN]
30Franklin, Richard [USA]Won 2-1vs.Godmaire, Marc M [USA]
31Bernard, Paul [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Thompson, Gerry [CAN]
32Savignac, Jean-francoi [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Towers, Robert C [CAN]
33Tietze, Max B [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Edel, Willy [CAN]
34Oke, Jason W [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Bhagat, Zohar N [USA]
35Mcinnis, Myles E [USA]Won 2-0vs.Crane, Patrick R [CAN]
36Gottschalk, Evan N [USA]Won 2-1vs.Wescoe, Craig D [USA]
37Guardiola, Alexander [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Webster, Billy A [CAN]
38Lapine, Michael J [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Lefler, Andrew J [CAN]
39Callaghan, Thomas [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Yurchick, Adam [USA]
40Emmett, Leon K [USA]Won 2-0vs.Kelly, Chris S [CAN]
41Corvese, Harry [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Kelahan, Ciaran [USA]
42Adam-boucher, Maxime [USA]Won 2-1vs.Martin, Robert S [CAN]
43Bonder, Gabriel G [USA]Won 2-0vs.Gardler, Harrison J [CAN]
44Mcfadden, Robert E [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Aune, Eirik M [CAN]
45Braymore, Nathon [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Van Lunen, Jacob D [CAN]
46Bisson, Stephane A [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Grinnell, Joshua M [CAN]
47Wood, Matthew N [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Macfarlane, Kate [USA]
48Lax, Ari M [USA]Won 2-0vs.Boswell, Andrew [CAN]
49Braithwaite, Chris [USA]Won 2-1vs.Till, Jeff [USA]
50Turk, Neil N [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Beamish, Malcolm [CAN]
51Julie, Yvon [USA]Won 2-1vs.Lansche, Derek S [USA]
52Jones, Travis O [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Tse, Felix [CAN]
53O'donnell, Patrick S [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Theriault, Jean-philip [USA]
54Anderson, Robert A [USA]Won 2-1vs.Smithers, Alex [USA]
55Drebsky, David D [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Giancoulas, Donald E [CAN]
56Jolliffe, Jake [USA]Won 2-0vs.Raney, Tom E [CAN]
57Del Gobbo, Adam M [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Hodgson, Craig S [CAN]
58Correia, Kevin B [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Sutcliffe, David [CAN]
59Hinkle, Chas E [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Higdon, Nigel L [CAN]
60Roberge, Mathieu [USA]Won 2-0vs.Bilz, Dean C [USA]
61Shapiro, Jeremy G [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Noworaj, Anna [CAN]
62Fisk, Dominic [USA]Won 2-1vs.Jacob, Michael A [CAN]
63Gauthier, Paul [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Parsons, Joel [USA]
64Kandziolka, James R [USA]Won 2-0vs.Lubarsky, Zach J [CAN]
65Tinney, Bradley R [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Betit, Jean-francois [CAN]
66Ferry, Sergio S [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Be, Ronald [USA]
67Sievers, Jeff C [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Gromko, Radoslaw [USA]
68Lane, David [USA]Won 2-0vs.Gurevich, Misha V [CAN]
69Kohos, James [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Barber, Nathaniel [USA]
70Zafra, Marcel Angelo C [USA]Won 2-0vs.Rivers, Zachary [CAN]
71Tober, Ken [USA]Won 2-0vs.Fortin, Jimmy [CAN]
72Brown, Marshall R [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Hagon, Richard [CAN]
73Edgington, Andrew C [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Anderson, Marc [CAN]
74Cormier, Francis [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Zhang, Stephen Y [CAN]
75Skura, Josh [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Elarar, Jasar S [CAN]
76Boivin, Miguel G [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Morelli, Mike [CAN]
77Edmunds, Chris J [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Mccluskey, Travis J [CAN]
78Orr, Jim G [USA]Won 2-0vs.Eady, Brent J [CAN]
79Pavic, Marinko A [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Yong, Peter [CAN]
80Jagasia, Gandhi [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Raflowitz, Taylor [CAN]
81Rocco, Craig M [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Baez, Jean M [CAN]
82Kwan, Wilson [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Davis, Robb W [USA]
83D'agostino, Vincent L [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Kubilis, John L [CAN]
84Vidugiris, Gaudenis [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Blanchette, Jamie [USA]
85Graves, Robert L [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Boulet, Drue [CAN]
86Becker, Matthew M [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Wells, Mark A [CAN]
87Buchar, Marco L [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Kelly, Nathaniel S [CAN]
88Putnam, Taylor E [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Miller, Dylan [USA]
89Napoli, Phillip A [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Rigby, Neil [CAN]
90Fretwell, Randy [USA]Won 2-0vs.Akow, Sacha F [CAN]
91Zell, Susan [USA]Won 2-1vs.Osso, Stephen M [USA]
92Meunier, Jordan W [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Lazaro, Andrew [USA]
93Slaton, Hunter R [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Evans, Sean [CAN]
94Brazeau, Mathieu [USA]Won 2-0vs.Macdonald, Daniel J [CAN]
95Raska, Tom [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Hebert, Justin [CAN]
96Wimalasekera, Bryan I [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Noorani, Farooq S [CAN]
97Grimer, Curtis J [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Anderson, Trevor J [CAN]
98Culley, Gordon [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Chan, Charlie [USA]
99Sears, Elijah [USA]Won 2-0vs.Erlendson, John-michae [USA]
100Wheelan, Beau [USA]Won 2-1vs.Roberts, Tim [USA]
101Neufeldt, Alexander A [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Mitchell, Zach [CAN]
102Innes, William [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Zhu, Yangyang [USA]
103Tremblay, Sebastien [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Aubut, Simon [USA]
104Silva, Eric [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Lindsay, Shaun [USA]
105Rasmussen, Neil K [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Hawkins, Angie [USA]
106Ketel, Ben [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Flannagan, Jaxon [USA]
107Mongeon, Claire [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Rogers, Anthony [CAN]
Starrs, Sean K [CAN] * BYE *

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