Round 9 Bubble-Match Round-Up

Posted in Event Coverage on January 20, 2014

By Olle Rade

The ninth and final round of Day One here at Grand Prix Prague featured quite a few familiar faces battling it out in bubble matches. With a 6-2 record these players all entered the last round with their tournament lives at stake. What decks did they battle with? How did they do? We took a look at a few of the tables struggling to continue their tournament life on Sunday.

Patrick Dickmann (Splinter Twin) vs. Petr Semrad (Affinity)

Ancient Grudge

Recent Grand Prix winner Patrick Dickmann, with his beloved Splinter Twin deck had surprisingly already picked up two losses in the tournament. The old faithful however delivered swiftly to a 2-0 victory against his Czech opponent. Dickmann summed up Affinity as one of his best matchups, but admitted to being a bit lucky after staring down a lethal 6/6 Inkmoth Nexus only to dig with Izzet Charm, finding an Ancient Grudge.

Robert Jurkovic (Affinity) vs. Pavlos Fafalios (Merfolk)

Master of Etherium

Slovak Robert Jurkovic found himself of the fortunate end of a very good matchup in the last round. Probably smiling inside when it turned out his opponent was on Merfolks he had no problems picking up a 2-0 win. Not even a mulligan to 4 in the second game could stop him, as he came back with Whipflare getting rid of his opponent's board of three merfolks and following it up with Steel Overseer and Master of Etherium.

Frederico Bastos (Scapeshift) vs. Matthias Langner (Tron)

Karn Liberated

Grand Prix grinder Frederico Bastos had his back against the wall with his Scapeshift deck in the last round. Things looked good when he took the second game of the match with Sowing Salt, a strong card against his Urzatron opponent. The third game however had nothing but salt in the wounds as he ended up staring down into the eyes of both Karn Liberated and Emrakul, the Aeons Torn for a 1-2 loss.

Max Sjöblom (Melira Pod) vs. Sylvain Martins (Blue/White/Red)

Baneslayer Angel

Finnish Sjöblom, who made top 8 in the very first Modern Pro Tour in 2011, and recently won a qualifier for the next one in Valencia was hoping to get a weekend of practice and hopefully a few Pro Points with him on his way to Spain. His French opponent however wanted something else and took down the match 2-1, sealing the deal in the final game with Stoney Silence, shutting down any Birthing Pod attempts by Sjöblom, and eventually winning in the air with Vendillion Clique and Baneslayer Angel.

Tomas Holzinger (Kiki-Jiki Pod) vs. Mateusz Myslicki (Affinity)

Birthing Pod

Austrian youngster Tomas Holzinger might have been playing a Birthing Pod deck, but it was Izzet Staticaster that was the MVP in his last round 2-0 defeat of an unsuspecting Polish Affinity player. Not even Etched Champion could win the race, and Holzinger makes day here at Grand Prix Prague.

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