Round 9: Diego Mata vs. Sergio Parra

Posted in Event Coverage on March 24, 2002

By Friedrich Rademacher

We started day two with two Spanish players who are yet unbeaten.

Game 1

Parra had an aggressive green-red deck, while Mata chose to play a black-green control kind of deck.

Sergio started well with a Spark Mage during his first turn, which started nibbling at his opponent's life totals. Diego soon found his Diligent Farmhand to block it, but he was then facing an Ember Beast and a Nantuko Calmer. When they attacked, Diego considered playing a Vivify but decided to take five damage instead.

A Mutilate with four Swamps took care of all Parra's threats and he didn't seem to have any new ones so Diego cast a Repentant Vampire that died shortly after to Thunder Blast.

Diego discarded several cards to his Putrid Imp to achieve threshold and forgot for some moments, that it didn't really fly so he sent it in to be smashed against a Pitchstone Wall. Now the threshold on Diego's side paid off for he cast a Nantuko Blightcutter.

Sergio on the other side of the table summoned a Halberdier, a Nantuko Disciple and a Krosan Avenger to start making pressure. But they did not match an Anurid Scavenger or a Childhood Horror, which kept swinging away for four life each turn. With both players at nine, Sergio saw that it was time to attack with his Halberdier and his Avenger. Diego blocked with his Scavenger and his Blightcutter thereby loosing two creatures when he still had a creature that could block the Halberdier together with the Fledgling Imp to kill it off.

Fortunately for Parra he did not do it that way and lost two for none.
Sergio then attacked leaving his opponent at one and killed almost all opposing creatures via Flame Burst and Lunatic. Parra played a Pardic Firecat to attack for a grand total of 10 but that was not to be so, because Mata still had a Moment's Peace and was able to hold on to his one life and attack with his Horror for the remaining one life of his opponent.

Mata 1 – 0 Parra

Game 2

Parra decided to go first and his decision was even sweeter when he heard Mata say the word 'mulligan'.

Sergio didn't have anything to cast until his fourth turn, which could have given the needed time for his opponent to build up his defenses. A Halberdier and a Spark Mage where the only threats to Diego at this time but a Scorching Missile soon followed. When Mata used Vivify on a land of his, his opponent tried to play Acceptable Losses on it, not realizing it was a Sorcery and then replacing it with Sonic Seizure. Then, Diego sacrificed the vivified land together with another one and took care of the Halberdier with a Sandstone Deadfall. After some time the deal was the same as during the first game: Diego going over Parra's head with a Childhood Horror and a Putrid Imp which were followed by two Organ Grinders on the ground.

Once again Diego forgot, that his Putrid Imp didn't really fly and lost it to a Patchworth Gnomes. Parra tried to hold things by casting a Chainflinger. When Diego removed it with a Faceless Butcher, Parra knew he was done for and conceded shortly after.

Final Result: Mata 2 – 0 Parra

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