Round 9: Dirk Baberowski vs. Raphael Levy

Posted in Event Coverage on November 30, 2002

By Stan van der Velden

Well, table 1 after round 8, folks. These people obviously know what they're doing and it's not surprising to find such established names in this feature match. What might be surprising though is the deck Dirk Baberowski chose to play. Testing with hardcore control player Kai Budde Dirk decided to play Mountains and Pups. Raphael is playing an all-time French favorite, Aluren.

Game 1

Mogg Flunkies
Dirk started off in true Sligh fashion, playing a 2-power creature on turn 1, a Goblin Cadets. Raph started to think before he even played his first land, having multiple options but he eventually settled on Forest....go. The Cadets came over and were joined by a Mogg Flunkies, a card most diehard Sligh players dislike. Dirk apparently found some use for the card today; sitting comfortably at 8-0. Raph had a Cloud of Faeries and a Living Wish for Raven Familiar on turn 2.

A Mogg Fanatic took out the Cloud and Dirk played a Seal of Fire to kill the upcoming Raven Familiar as well. Dirk decided to not Seal the Raven Familiar and just send his Cadets headlong into it. After some counting in French, Raph decided to block and took control of the little guy. Another Flunkies joined Dirk's side of the table after combat. The reason Dirk held onto the Seal was that the Aluren deck actually has a really hard time going off with a Seal in play as the Sligh player can just kill the Wirewood Savage in response to Cavern Harpy.

Raph played a Wall of Blossoms to strengthen his line of defense a little and drew into another Wall making the pair of Flunkies on Dirk's side seem very unimpressive. In true Sligh fashion, Dirk flung his hapless Goblins at Raph with two Reckless Abandons (one was off the top) and finishing him off with the Seal on the table.

"So did you have both of those already?"
"Nah, being the good player that I am, I drew one off the top"

Ahhh, Sligh.

Game 2

Goblin Piledriver
Raph got to play first this time giving him some more time to set up his combo. Both players kept their opening seven and Dirk's turn one Fanatic was met with a turn two Wall of Blossoms. Goblin Piledriver joined the little beater the turn after and Raph said go, not playing a spell, telegraphing Intuition. Dirk attacked for 1 and carefully considered his options, having to watch out for a possible combo kill on turn 4. He played a Seal and a second Piledriver and said go, hoping for the best. The best turned out to be not quite good enough as Raph went off without the Seal causing any trouble.

Game 3

The game for the right to go to bed undefeated. Dirk once again got to go first, a seemingly huge advantage in this matchup. Raph drew an 8 card opening hand the first time around and was forced to mulligan to 6. When the 6 cards weren't gonna cut it either, things were looking bleak for the French veteran. A mulligan to 4 topped things off quite nicely. Mountain, Lackey. Good luck to the 4 card hand. The Lackey put out a Piledriver on turn 2 and was joined by double Pup. A turn 3 Pillage was nice as well. So yeah, Raph lost.

Final Result: Game, match and a 9-0 record for Dirk Baberowski.

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