Round 9 Feature Match: Antarctica vs. Juggernaut

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Sideboard Staff

Feature matches do not get any better than this one. It had everything - a great set of characters, exciting matches and fun-spirited light trash talking on both sides.

Steve OMS vs. Andre Konstanczer

Both of these player's decks were quite mediocre and both are forced to play three colors. Obviously, some games are bound to be won or lost based on poor mana draws and the first game of this match was Konstanczer's turn to lose that way. He drew a total of three lands, no plains, and quite a few white cards. Steve OMS was able to summon a pair of Coastal Hornclaws at leisure and administer some serious beatings, winning the game before Andre could recover.

In the second game it was Steve's turn to get mana hosed. He dazed a turn two Lieutenant and cast his own turn 2 Waterfront Bouncer which managed to slow down Andre a little. Still, he was unable to come back in time to re-establish parity on the table.

In the final game Andre's ground creatures were racing against Steve's fliers with only a few minutes left in the match. It came very close, but Andre cast a Cho-Manno Bruiser which allowed his larger creatures to get through for plenty of damage on the following turn, and won the close third game.

Dan OMS vs. Kai Budde

While OMS' deck can be fairly described as below average, Budde's deck made it look like a powerhouse. Cards like Timid Drake, Mogg Toady and Gulf Squid all found home in this deck.

In the first game, things looked grim for Budde as OMS cast an Ascendant Evincar. Fortunately for Budde he did not have any one toughness creatures. Unfortunately for OMS, he proceeded to draw no other creatures except Spineless Thug which cannot block. Meanwhile Budde was amassing creatures on the table and attacking with Fault Riders and Gerrard's Irregulars, both of which are capable of killing an Evincar. Eventually OMS was forced to block with it. It was all over for him on the following turn. Timid Drake and Mogg Toady both got to attack then.

In the second game Budde was slightly mana hosed while OMS had a solid draw and took full advantage of it, wrecking Budde quickly and so thoroughly that he was forced to Dominate a Spineless Thug just to survive for a turn.

In the final game Budde was the first to deal damage, bringing OMS down to ten life before he stabilized. At some point Budde had a pair of tapped creatures, while OMS had an Ancient Hydra with four fading counters on it, a Keldon Berserker and six lands.

OMS spent well over ten minutes contemplating his next move. Eventually he decided to go for the win. He cast a pair of Flame Rifts, going down to two life and bringing Budde down to 12. He then tapped out to shoot Budde for two with a Hydra and attacked for ten.

"I spent a lot of time to think about it and make sure that Kai did not have any way to wreck me," explained Dan OMS. "I was reasonably sure there was nothing he could do, so I went for it."

Jon Finkel vs. Dirk Baberowski

It is safe to say that these two players were the only ones in the draft with good decks.

Finkel started out on the offensive, dropping a first turn Charm Peddler and a third turn Diving Griffin. Dirk managed to stall the board, but not before going down to below ten life points. At that point Finkel cast Saproling Burst and a Mercenary Informer - just in time to deal with the Pit Raptor summoned by Baberowski. Unable to stop the damage, Baberowski conceded the game.

In the second game, Finkel did not draw his Diving Griffin and Baberowski's larger creatures had advantage on the ground. He summoned a Cateran Overlord but could not attack with it because Finkel controlled far more creatures and threatened to overrun the German player in a few attack steps.

Finkel summoned a major threat in Jolrael, Empress of Beasts. With plenty of lands in play, it could finish the game on the next turn. However, Baberwoski had his Sever Soul and was able to deal with it. Over the next few turns Baberowski finally drew enough creatures to start attacking with an Overlord. Pretty soon Finkel was forced to start chump blocking and eventually Baberowski got the game.

Final game took a long time, and eventually went into overtime. Once again Baberowski's Overlord was racing against a pair of Diving Griffins. Baberowski was at an advantage when he cast Pit Raptor, but Finkel had a Charm Peddler in play and, since Dirk was at a low life total, would run both Griffins into the Raptor and simply discard a card to save the blocked one, effectively turning every card in his hand into a Shock.

Ironically, it was the weakest card in Baberowski's deck that saved him - a Fog Patch. He stopped a crucial attack and was able to survive long enough. However, he could not kill Finkel quickly enough either, ending both game and this amazing match in a draw.

Final record: 1-1-1

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