Round 9 Feature Match: Jakub Slemr vs. Konstantin Firsov

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By Mark Wraith

Jakub Slemr vs. Konstantin Firsov

Game 1

Jakub won the dice roll and was happy to play with his aggressive red/black deck. He started out well too, with a Ravenous Rats forcing Konstantin to discard Tsabo Tavoc, and it was joined by a Hooded Kavu on his next turn.

Firsov was happy to see a Viashino Grappler being summoned by Jakub, since he could Exclude it and then hope to draw a Swamp as he didn't have one yet. He didn't draw one immediately, but at least he could summon a Mire Kavu, which traded with the Hooded Kavu.

The Czech played out a Caldera Kavu, and Firsov drew a black mana producer - Crosis' Catacombs - just in time before it started to get dangerous for him, and used a Shivan Emissary with kicker to remove it.

An Ancient Kavu by Jakub hit just once while Firsov had tapped out to cast Probe, making Slemr discard two Hypnotic Clouds. The Russian then reduced himself to ten by paying the kicker cost on Phyrexian Scuta.

Both players summoned more creatures but didn't attack - Jakub cast Caldera Kavu and Konstantin a Vodalian Zombie. Slemr's attempts to put Sinister Strength on his Ancient Kavu were Prohibited, and the game reached a temporary deadlock with the Phyrexian Scuta and Vodalian Zombie facing the Ancient Kavu and Caldera Kavu.

Jakub Slemr

Konstantin was the first to play a creature that looked capable of breaking the stalemate, as his Opt gave him a Faerie Squadron with kicker, and he had the Confound to deal with Jakub's attempts to Agonizing Demise it.

On Firsov's next turn he used Assault on the Caldera Kavu, and played Vodalian Serpent, attacking with the Squadron and Scuta before casting Vodalian Serpent. Jakub could deal with the flyer via a Soul Burn, but Firsov continued to draw creatures, casting Ravenous Rats and Volcano Imp. Each turn the Scuta continued to attack, and as Jakub drew only two lands and a Ravenous Rat, he had to concede the game

Game 2

Jakub once again wanted to go first, but this time it was Konstantin who made the better start with Ravenous Rats, finding a Mountain. Surprisingly for his deck Slemr couldn't do anything on his third turn either, but neither did the Russian.

Slemr's Phyrexian Slayer was Assaulted, but his Caldera Kavu was not removed as Firsov only played a Volcano Imp, Slemr summoned a Phyrexian Reaper.

Konstantin was now faced with a choice on his turn, to play Shivan Emissary with kicker or play Vodalian Serpent, which would get him into trouble if Jakub had a removal spell.

Konstantin Firsov

The Emissary came into play to kill Caldera Kavu. Jakub Soul-Burned the Volcano Imp for two, and attacked with his Reaper. Unfortunately for the Czech, he didn't have the removal spell, especially Agonizing Demise that he would have liked, and he could only play Lava Zombie, which potentially could trade with the Serpent. Firsov played Faerie Squadron, and Slemr faced another setback - he sacrificed Geothermal Crevice to give him the mana necessary for Tsabo Tavoc, but she was returned to his hand by Barrin's Unmaking, leaving him unable to cast her.

Firsov was certainly amused by his own draw next turn, as he played the other Tsabo Tavoc that was in the draft, leaving Jakub unable to play his own, and as he could not deal with the 7/4 First-Striker or the Phyrexian Scuta, Faerie Squadron, Faerie Squadron which the Russian played on his next three turns. Jakub scooped up his cards disconsolately.

Final Result: Konstantin Firsov defeats Jakub Slemr 2 - 0

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