Round 9 Feature Match: Kai Budde vs. Eivind Nitter

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By Friedrich Rademacher

Game 1

Kai won the die roll and went first. He started playing his three-casting-cost creatures. Eivind, on the other hand, had a Glimmering Angel together with a Quirion Explorer out. Kai started pouncing his creatures at the Norwegian and cast one of his two Mire Kavus, which were 4/3, thanks to the Swamps. Eivind did not just look at Kai's creatures as he played a Serpent Kavu in order to try stopping the German horde. Kai played Malice on it during his turn and then attacked the Norwegian leaving him at twelve life. Eivind had a more controlling deck than Kai. He was also playing three colord where Kai only played two. His opponent had to stop the beatings and gain control of the board so he played Wash Out naming red, returning two of Kai's creatures to the German's hand. After being the target of a kicked Hypnotic Cloud, Eivind got back by playing an Armadillo Cloak on the Glimmering Angel. Kai's only chance would have been to overrun the Norwegian with his creatures but this one seemed to have the advantage so that Kai conceded. Although the German's mana curve was very good, it didn't seem to help as he only played anything from his third turn on.

Game 2

After sideboarding, the German seemed to have a similar game as he did in game 1. Eivind, on the other hand, misses his third land drop and discards a card. As Kai referred to him as not being a good idea against his deck, the Norwegian confirmed it. This seemed to be his end but he was still struggling to live by casting a Harrow and loosing the disadvantage of his missing land drop. In the end it didn't make a difference, for Kai was unstoppable burning everything off the table to clear the path for his creatures to get through and ensure the win.

Game 3

Kai casts a non-kicked Hypnotic Cloud to try to gain an advantage toward Eivind. The reason why he played it, was that he already had his next three turns planned with casting Hooded Kavu and a Sparring Golem among other creatures lying in his hand. Eivind plays a Sunscape Master having two blue mana on his next turn, in order to use the Master's activated ability of returning a creature to it's owner's hand. Kai enchanted his freshly cast Shivan Zombie with a Sinister Strength bringing Eivind down to eleven life. The Norwegian's only possibility to block the Zombie was blocking with his Quirion Explorer, which he did and then gave it +2/+2 to kill the zombie. After Eivind returned Kai's hooded Kavu to his hand, the German played a Scorching Lava on the master. Eivind kept attacking with his Razorfoot Griffin but seemed to have no answer to the Kavu's ability. Kai ends his turn with having played Yawgmoth's Agenda giving him the option of replaying his graveyard that was filled with lots of threats. The next turn the Norwegian tries to cast an Armadillo Cloak on the griffin but Kai plays a Scorching Lava in response. His opponent had not foreseen this play, since he was not counting on any instants. Another mistake was to name red as being the color for Wash Out forgetting that the Sinister Strength would turn the enchanted creature to black thereby returning zero permanents to Kai's hand. Both players laughed about it and shook hands. Those two mistakes Eivind did cost him this round.

Final Result: Kai Budde won 2-1 against Eivind Nitter

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