Round 9 Feature Match: Kai Budde vs. Pat Chapin

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By Warren Marsh

Kai was playing team Godzilla's U/W Weenie deck and Pat sported U/B/R control with Dragon kill.

Winning the die roll, Kai started the game off by making a series of 1/1 creatures. "The dorks come in," Kai said as his creatures entered the Red Zone. Patrick began to set up for a Void with double Recoil on Kai's blue sources following with a Lobotomy taking Voice of All, but no Void arrived for Pat. So he struggled playing catch up with targeted removal. Eventually, the 1/1 army of Kai's overwhelmed him.

Kai 1 Pat 0

Pat started this game off with a series of Opts while Kai made a Galina's Knight then followed with the tech sideboard card Pure Reflection, which got a momentary pause and was read by Pat. He then Voided removing the Knight and got his first opportunity to view Kai's hand, which consisted of Crusading Knight's and another Pure Reflection, one of the Knights got played on the following turn making for 7 power on Kai's side of the table.

Pat didn't expect the Pure Reflection from Kai's board as he removed some of the creatures from his own main deck making himself more vulnerable to the enchantment. This he regretted as Reflection token control remained with Kai for the most part of the game, after some close calls when Pat cast 2 dragons in a row. The first being Absorbed with Kai making another Crusading Knight to steal back the Reflection and the second was negated by Kai's top decked Crimson Acolyte which kept Reflection control and powered them both through with the pro red ability to defeat Pat 2-0

Final Result: Kai Budde 2, Pat Chapin 0

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