Round 9 Feature Match - Katsuhiro Mori vs. Goro Matsuo

Posted in Event Coverage on December 16, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

By Jamie Lynn

Katsuhiro Mori was the highest ranked APAC player this year and was invited to the invitationals in Sydney. Unfortunately he had to turn down the invitation because he has already missed too much school to play Magic and wouldn't get all his credits to graduate. Mori was playing Pande Burst and was matched up against Goro Matsu, one of Japan's top Constructed players, who played Survival. With two of Japan's finest, it promised to be a good match.

Game 1

Goro went first and had Survival of the Fittest in play turn two. He continued to get two Granger Guildmages, two Quirion Rangers and a Merfolk Looter into play. As Goro was setting up his combo Mori sat back playing Brainstorm, Merchant Scroll and Intuition to get his combo in order. Turn six saw the end of the game. Mori played Replenish and Force of Willed Goro's Counterspell. Goro then used the Merfolk Looter's ability to look for help but found none coming and conceded the game.


Katsuhiro Mori

Game 2

Katsuhiro mulliganed down to six. Goro started and on turn two played a Merfolk Looter. Turn three Mori played a Powder Keg and sacrificed it turn five to rid Goro of his Merfolk Looter. Next he followed up with intuition where he Force of Willed Goro's Counterspell. He played an Intuition and Goro went on to play Spike Feeder, Quirion Ranger and Masticore. At 14 life Mori played Replenish and had Goro Counterspell it, which in turn Mori Counterspelled and Force of Willed Goro's second Counterspell. Mori had two Saproling Bursts and one Pandemonium come into play. It was the end of the game but Goro tried to stay alive using counters from Spike Feeder. It wasn't enough and that was the end of Game two and the match.

2-0 Katsuhiro Mori

Match Katsuhiro Mori

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