Round 9 Feature Match: Konstantin Firsov vs. Tony Dobson

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By by Mark Wraith

Konstantin is the sole Russian in the event, and he is doing rather well. Despite having only one bye, he managed to go 6 - 1 on Day One, and so far today has defeated Mike Pustilnik, the winner of the most recent PT LA.

Game One

Konstantin won the dice roll and chose to go first, both players playing turn two creatures - Shivan Zombie from Firsov and Vodalian Zombie from Dobson. These traded immediately, and so did Konstantin's Viashino Grappler, and Tony's Morgue Toad. More creature trading followed, with Tony blocking a second Grappler with a Maggot Carrier.

Konstantin Recovered the Zombie, and then cast both it and a Lava Runner. Tony tried to make a blocker, but his Faerie Squadron was destroyed by a Plague Spores, setting Tony back in his attempts to cast the Vodalian Zombie in his hand. The players traded damage but Tony appeared to be losing the race.

However, he did manage to trade the Lava Zombie with Treva's Attendant, but couldn't stop the relentless attacks as Konstantin played a Kavu Aggressor with Maniacal Rage, and a Duskwalker. He could only delay the inevitable with a Malicious Advice, and a Rushing River but soon succumbed. Tony could never find enough mana in this game to cast his Vodalian Serpent with kicker, which would have been enough to hold off a lot of Firsov's attackers.

Game Two

Tony was happy with his opening hand in game two, despite not having a Mountain. He did have Tower Drake, Urborg Drake, and Exclude, though.

Still it was the Russian who played the first creature, a Thunderscape Familiar. Tony could have left his mana open to use Exclude, but he decided to cast a Tower Drake instead. This meant that Konstantin could cast as Kavu Aggressor with impunity.

Tony decided not to cast a creature on his next turn, but this could put him in serious trouble if Konstantin had a creature removal spell. He did, and cast Strafe on the Tower Drake, enchanted his Familiar with a Maniacal Rage, and attacked for six. Tony could only cast an Urborg Drake, which did not stop the 3/3 First-Striking Familiar from attacking. This brought Tony to 10, and Firsov followed up with a Duskwalker with kicker. Tony killed the Duskwalker by blocking it with both the Urborg Drake and Cavern Harpy, but it was immediately Recovered and summoned again.

Tony was completely unable to deal with the multiple threats, and conceded on the next turn.

Final Result: Konstantin Firsov defeats Tony Dobson 2 - 0

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