Round 9: Feature Match - Matt Mealing vs. Marc Anderson

Posted in Event Coverage on August 20, 2011

By Josh Bennett

Game One

Marc Anderson won the die roll. "I'm gonna draw"

"You're gonna draw? So you can capitalize on your two Day of Judgments? Sounds fair."

The two traded friendly barbs about the contents of each others' decks. Despite an Aegis Angel in his, Matt Mealing was confident that Anderson would destroy him.

Mealing led off with three lands, Crown of Empires and Fiery Hellhound. Anderson passed on three lands. Mealing attacked and pumped three times, dealing five. Anderson undid all that with Timely Reinforcements. He triple-blocked when Mealing sent the Hound in. Stave off made the save for Mealing.

Anderson untapped and thought. Mealing made a helpful suggestion: "Timely?"

"I'm ahead on life, why would I Timely?"

Mealing laughed. "Because you're bad?"

Matt Mealing

Eventually Anderson chose to play Warpath Ghoul. Mealing locked it down with the Crown and attacked for three. Anderson made no play on his six land. Mealing Crowned again and attacked, but saved his extra mana for Blood Ogre. He passed the turn, saying "You're up, buttercup."

Again Anderson made no play. Mealing was happy to attack for six and pass. Anderson shrugged and tapped four for Day of Judgment. He followed up with Gravedigger, getting back his Ghoul. Mealing played out Peregrine Griffin, but Anderson was ready with Oblivion Ring. He spilled out his Warpath Ghoul and Child of Night.

Mealing boosted his defenses with Crimson Mage and Goblin Arsonist. Anderson attacked with his team. Arsonist blocked Warpath Ghoul, Crimson Mage blocked Child of Night. After the Arsonist aimed it's death-damage at the Ghoul, Anderson saved with Stave Off. He further cluttered wht board with Auramancer and Devouring Swarm, leaving himself empty-handed.

Mealing had a Pacifism for the Swarm but no other play, sitting on just a single plains. His Crown softened the blow from Anderson's attack, but he took four falling to six. Anderson played a topdecked Tormented Soul. Mealing finally drew the plains he needed for Aegis Angel, but Anderson was still in a commanding position. He plucked Dark Favor to upgrade that to "victorious."

Anderson 1 - Mealing 0

Game Two

Mealing started with Goblin Arsonist. Anderson was happy to trade away Elite Vanguard for it. Mealing replaced it with Fiery Hellhound, and then another, while Anderson summoned Devouring Swarm. They traded hits and Anderson played Drifting Shade. Mealing hit for six and played a third Hellhound.

At ten life, Anderson took a moment to consider his options. Eventually he passed with five mana open, only two of it black. Mealing sent his squad. Anderson blocked with both his creatures and pumped his Shade to a 2/2. Mealing boosted the unblocked Hellhound twice. Anderson dispatched it with Celestial Purge. The other creatures traded. Mealing passed the turn.

Marc Anderson

Anderson untapped and summoned Zombie Goliath. Mealing played Peregrine Griffin. Anderson was ready with Deathmark. Mealing tried Crimson Mage, but Anderson had Wring Flesh. The Zombie Goliath brought Mealing down to ten, and Anderson added Warpath Ghoul. Mealing put out a Piker and made the trade, falling to six. Anderson played Child of Night.

"Look at you drawing gas."

"I rip like a champion."

Mealing Fireballed the Goliath for three, expecting Stave Off, but none came. The Child swung in to leave Mealing at four. He pulled up a second plains and threw down Archon of Justice, but Anderson had the trump: Oblivion Ring. Mealing drew his next card, then extended the hand in defeat.

Anderson 2 - Mealing 0

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