Round 9: Feature Match - Xu Liang (Blue-White) vs. Xu Bin (Black-White)

Posted in Event Coverage on July 2, 2011

By Chapman Sim

An epic battle among the Xu family, both players with identical surnames (and incidentally good friends) have sat down at the Featured Match area. Both players are at a 6-2 record and another win here would give the victor ample breathing space for the Constructed portion.

Xu Liang made the Top 8 of China Nationals last year and was looking to repeat the feat again. Xu Bin was no slouch either, being an ex-Nationals Top 8 player himself. In addition, he is currently the second highest rated player in China (at a whooping 2029 total rating) and it was common consensus that Xu Bin could possibly be the most adept and proficient CawBlade player in China, already a little achievement on its own. A huge crowd gathered to watch this match between two Titans of the Chinese Magic community.

Game 1

Xu Liang busted out of the gates with Origin Spellbomb, Leonin Skyhunter, Wall of Tanglecord and Ghalma's Warden while Xu Bin could only manage Blinding Souleater and pass with five lands in play.

Xu Liang added Lumengrid Gargoyle and attacked with his team and Xu Bin got the annoying Myr off his back with Instill Infection and then used Divine Offering to gun down the 4/4 flier.

Xu Liang simply replaced it with Wing Splicer but his opponent was quick to kill the Splicer with Virulent Wound and blink the token into oblivion with Glimmerpoint Stag. After which, he stuck Lashwrithe onto his Vault Skirge, creating a 5/5 lifelinking monstrosity which took the game within the next few turns.

Xu Liang

Xu Bin wins Game One.

Xu Bin 1 - Xu Liang 0

Game 2

In view of the terrifying Lashwrithe, Xu Liang added a red splash to his deck to support Shatter and Victorious Destruction and elected to play first. First cycling Origin Spellbomb then adding Wall of Tanglecord, Xu Liang could only watch as his opponent build a board of Shrine of Limitless Power, Skinwing and Lashwrithe.

Xu Bin wasted no time in paying four life to turn the Germ token into a 5/5 flier (and growing) and on his next turn wiped Xu Liang's hand of four cards away. Now playing from only the top of his deck, Xu Liang struggled to find a solution to Lashwrithe. However, it was not to be and the eventual 9/9 Skinwing ended the game faster than the speed of light.

Xu Bin

Xu Bin wins Game Two and takes the match!

Xu Bin 2 - Xu Liang 0

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