Round 9: Jay Elarar vs. Jeff Fung

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By Toby Wachter

Jay started off this tournament going 0-3 in his first draft pod. He then went 3-0 in the next pod, staying in contention for Top 8. He will need a near-perfect record today to advance to Top 8, and so far he's on track. Jay is playing Skies today, which is the same deck he piloted to a Top 8 finish at Pro Tour Chicago. He started off the day 2-0 going into this match against Fung's Orb-Opposition deck.

Game 1

Jay played first, and cast a second turn Spiketail Hatchling. Jeff had his own second turn play in Merfolk Looter. Jay untapped and attacked with the Hatchling, and then summoned Waterfront Bouncer. Meanwhile, Jeff's Looter went to work, as he drew into his deck. Jay continued to go on the offensive by attacking with both creatures, and then played a second Hatchling, which was Counterspelled. Jay then played a second Rishadan Port, which he used on Jeff's upkeep.

Jeff now played his own Hatchling, while Jay used Brainstorm to manipulate his deck. Jay then attacked with his Hatchling, and Jeff chose to block and trade with his own. With the sky cleared, Jay summoned Rishadan Airship. This left Jay with only one mana untapped, and Jeff used the opportunity to cast Opposition. It resulted in an alternate casting cost Thwart counterwar, which Jeff won, but not before Waterfront Bouncer sent the Looter back. This left Jeff with only two lands and an Opposition on the table. Jay attacked for four damage, and the pressure was on.

Rishadan Port was used by Jay on Jeff's upkeep, and Merfolk Looter was recast. Jay responded with Brainstorm, and then added Daze to the stack, which countered the Looter. The next turn saw Jay attack for another four points of damage, and he increased his clock with Rishadan Airship. Jeff tried to stop some of the bleeding with Temporal Adept, which tapped down an Airship during Jay's attack. The other Airship came through for three damage, and Waterfront Bouncer sent the Adept back to Jeff's hand.

The Adept was replayed, and Jay came through for more damage, bringing Jeff down to two life points. He then used both Ports on Jeff's upkeep, and in response, the Adept bounced an Airship back to Jay's hand. Jeff drew, and conceded, realizing he had no way to avoid defeat on the next turn.

Elarar- 1 Fung- 0

Game 2

Jeff went first this time, and started off with Sleight of Hand. Jay also used early library manipulation with Brainstorm, and played Rishadan Port, which was used on Jeff's upkeep. Chimeric Idol was played by Jay on turn three, and was Counterspelled. This left Jay tapped out, and Jeff used them opportunity to cast Thieving Magpie. However, this in turn also left him tapped out, and Jay summoned Troublesome Spirit. Jeff cast an Opposition on the following turn, but it was Thwarted.

The next turn saw Jeff Repulse the Spirit, and Jay had to counter it with Foil. If Repulse has resolved, the Spirit would not have been able to come into play again for two turns, which would allow the Magpie to attack twice. Static Orb hit the table soon after, and Jay scooped up to head into the final game.

Elarar- 1 Fung- 1

Game 3

Jay got to play first, and Jeff mulliganed his opening hand. Brainstorm was cast by Jay on Jeff's end step, and he played a Port on his following turn. The Port was used on Jeff's upkeep to deprive him of a second mana source, which allowed Chimeric Idol to resolve with easer on the next turn. Jeff answered back with Merfolk Looter. A second Brainstorm was used by Jay during his main phase, and was followed by Rishadan Airship. The Idol was then activated, and it attacked for three damage.

The Looter now went to work, as Jeff drew into his deck for answers to the clock that Jay had on the table. A Spiketail Hatchling was played, which would allow Jeff to hold off the Airship. However, Jay had the answer, He untapped, and played Rushing River with kicker to bounce back both of Jeff's creatures. Waterfront Bouncer was also brought out to make a bad situation even worse, and Jay's team came through for six points of damage.

At this point, Jeff was at eleven life points, and had no creatures in play. The Bouncer would bring back any potential blockers, which made stabilizing in time seem unlikely. He realized this, and conceded a turn later.

Final Result: Elarar- 2 Fung- 1

Jay Elarar

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Jeff Fung

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